Finnish tech company Wartsila, in partnership with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, has completed an overhaul project of three Windstar Cruises ships.

The project, which was led by the Fincantieri yard, commenced in 2019. The revamp of the first of the three Windstar cruise vessels, Star Breeze, was finished in 2020.

In mid-2020, the renovation of Star Legend was completed, while in October of this year, the companies finished the overhaul of Star Pride.

Implemented under Windstar’s $250m Star Plus initiative, the project covered the length extension of the vessels from 135m to 160.6m.

At Fincantieri’s shipyard in Italy, the vessels were cut in half and had a new 25.6m section added to the middle portion.

The engines of the vessels were also replaced for improved efficiency, environmental performance and ship lifespan.

The new Wartsila engines will use distillate fuels and meet the 2020 sulphur cap regulations.

Windstar Cruises president Chris Prelog said: “Our thanks to both Wartsila and Fincantieri for their completion of a complex remodel that turned out beautifully. The stretching and renovation of these three all-suite yachts not only expands our guest capacity from 212 to 312, it also upgrades our environmental sustainability and operating efficiency, all of which are important to us.”

Additionally, Wartsila provided four Wartsila customised selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, two Wartsila 26 auxiliary engines, gearboxes, power take-off solutions, and controllable pitch propeller control upgrades for each of the vessels.

The company also retrofitted the current on-board systems as well as re-engineering the power management system, and alarm, monitoring and automation systems.

Furthermore, the whole electrical and automation network underwent renovation.

Earlier this month, Grimaldi Group’s Spain-based Trasmed GLE SL selected Wartsila Exhaust Treatment for the installation of open-loop exhaust gas abatement technology on two roll-on/roll-off passenger ferries.