Wärtsilä has signed a cooperation agreement with France-based Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT) to explore potential business opportunities in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage, fuel gas supply systems, and related services that are expected to help the shipyards and vessel owners.

Under the collaboration, both companies seek to recommend solutions that optimise onboard LNG fuel gas storage and operations.

The partnership will particularly focus on the medium-to-large sized segments and configurations where space optimisation is most required.

Wärtsilä Marine Solutions Flow &Gas Solutions vice-president Timo Koponen said: “This cooperation agreement is part of Wärtsilä Gas Solution’s strategy of ‘forming the future of gas’, aimed at making a solid contribution to increased sustainability and greater operational efficiency for gas-fuelled vessels.”

“This cooperation agreement is part of Wärtsilä Gas Solution’s strategy of ‘forming the future of gas’.”

Through the latest collaboration, the companies are also expected to provide an updated and ready-made solution to the shipyards.

The partnership also aims to provide the ship owners and operators with smart marine solutions, which will be designed to enable the exchange of onboard system data to allow remote support optimisation and assistance for LNG fuel gas supply system.

According to Wärtsilä, the use of membrane-type LNG fuel tanks assures volume optimisation, as well as offers more fuel space onboard the vessel or better autonomy between bunker operations.

GTT chairman and CEO Philippe Berterottière said: “This cooperation between both companies clearly makes great sense.

“The industry at large has to find means to speed up the deployment of LNG-as-a-fuel solutions.”

GTT is currently engaged in the designing of cryogenic membrane containment solutions for liquefied gases.