Marine technology company Wartsila has received an order to supply Wartsila solutions for new 8,200dwt multi-purpose cargo vessel.

The vessel is being built at Huanghai Shipyard in China for Mauritius Shipping Corporation Ltd (MSCL).

According to the order, the company will provide Wartsila 32 main engine, a reduction gear and a controlled-pitch propeller.

Additionally, it will supply Wartsila ProTouch remote control system, a transverse thruster and three Wartsila 20 auxiliary engines.

The company will provide the equipment in the spring of next year and the ship will begin operations in 2022.

The company said that the reliability of its solutions is a major factor for receiving the contract as the vessel will be used to transport essential goods and passengers between the islands of Reunion, Agalega and Rodrigues and Republic of Mauritius.

The disruption in service and supplies is said to have a severe consequence as MSCL is their sole transport provider.

Wartsila Marine Regional Sales Director Glenn Mattas said: “The customer has made clear that the emphasis must be on optimal efficiency, integration, support and reliability, all of which are areas where Wartsila excels.

“We have worked closely with MSCL to ensure that our solutions are tailored to their precise requirements.”

MSCL CEO Rishi Ronoowah added: “We have operated with Wartsila main engines since 2001 and have experienced no major breakdowns or disruption to our normal and essential operations during all these years.

“We are, therefore, very satisfied and in our experience the engines have been extremely reliable, allowing us to enhance our business performance.”

Earlier this week, the company announced that it has joined the Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship.