Technology group Wartsila has signed a letter of intent (LoI) with Singapore-based PSA Marine to jointly develop smart technology for the marine sector.

According to the LoI, the firms will collaborate to develop electric or hybrid technologies that are human-centric and deployable and will encourage the use of low-emissions energy and propulsion systems.

The partners will also incorporate next-generation smart vessel technology and adopt secured connectivity to enable ship-to-shore data exchange.

Wartsila has already partnered with PSA Marine to design and develop solutions for smart and low-emissions harbour craft.

The partnership aims to combine the IntelliTug project capabilities with new configurations and hybrid, electric, and other clean energy source concepts.

Wartsila Singapore managing director Mervin Ong said: “The Acceleration Centre promotes innovation and joint projects with qualified partners in support of Wartsila’s ambition of a Smart Marine Ecosystem that will deliver huge advances in efficiency, safety, and environmental performance.

“Our on-going IntelliTug project was the centre’s first co-created initiative together with PSA Marine, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Lloyd’s Register, and the Technology Centre for Offshore & Marine Singapore (TCOMS).

“This cooperation with PSA Marine is now being continued through this agreement, and we look forward to continuing our innovative and important work together.”

Currently undergoing testing onboard PSA Marine’s PSA Polaris tug, the IntelliTug system aims to fulfil an autonomous harbour tug concept.

PSA Marine managing director Peter Chew said: “PSA Marine and Wartsila intend to lead and develop smart, scalable, and clean energy solutions for the longer term, as we play our part towards decarbonisation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Recently, Wartsila established an expertise centre in Singapore in a bid to enhance the global provision of various customer support functions such as asset diagnostics and remote monitoring.