Wartsila has secured an order to deliver its main engines and liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel gas supply systems for powering two new LNG-fuelled escort tugs.

These tugs are being constructed for Canadian HaiSea Marine, a joint venture between the Haisla Nation and Seaspan Marine Transportation.

Wartsila received the order in April.

The tugs have been designed by Robert Allan Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and are currently being built at Turkey’s Sanmar Shipyards.

These vessels are anticipated to be the ‘most environmentally advanced’ escort tugs to run in Canada’s coastal waters of British Columbia.

Both the tugs will be loaded with Wartsila 34DF dual-fuel engines, which will run using LNG fuel.

For lowering nitrogen oxides emissions, these engines will be equipped with Wartsila’s NOx selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

As agreed, the company will also deliver its LNGPac fuel storage, supply and control system.

The company is expected to supply the equipment to the shipyard next year.

Wartsila Marine Power sales general manager Mark Keneford said: “This project aligns closely with Wartsila’s efforts to develop and promote environmentally sustainable technologies, and to support the global decarbonisation of shipping.”

Earlier, Wartsila supplied similar equipment for two in-service ferries managed by Seaspan Ferries, a Seaspan affiliated firm.

In a statement, Wartsila said: “The successful performance of these ferries and Wartsila’s lifecycle support capabilities in Canada, were cited as being important considerations in the award of this contract.”

Last week, Wartsila Voyage and Japanese Weathernews (WNI) combined their respective offerings in a bid to improve shipping safety as well as sustainability.