Swiss engine designer Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) has released a set of four new short-stroke engines for different types of vessels.

The engines address the issues of economic engine speeds and space constraints on various ships such as roll-on / roll-off (RoRo) vessels, container feeders, vehicle carriers and multipurpose cargo vessels.

The range includes X52-S2.0 and X62-S2.0, as well as dual-fuel X52DF-S1.0 and X62DF-S1.0.

The engines consist of a short piston stroke suitable for ships that have a small propeller diameter, shallow draught or low main deck height.

WinGD has reduced the piston stroke by 413mm for new X62-S2.0 and X62DF-S1.0 engines compared to the standard X62 and X62DF. This is expected to save the engine room height for installation requirements.

WinGD sales global director Volkmar Galke said: “Our new short-stroke engine series offers a tailored solution for smaller vessels that still require the efficiency and power of two-stroke marine engines.

“Many of these vessel types are part of an ageing fleet that means we expect significant fleet renewal and a big opportunity for our new engines over the next few years.”

The new stroke-to-bore ratio enables the company to produce more compact engines and to cut manufacturing and component expenses.

WinGD said that the liquid-fuel engines will be equipped with an integrated selective catalytic reduction (iSCR) system.

Galke added: “Both the iSCR and the short-stroke series highlight our commitment to simplifying engine installation for shipyards, and therefore, reducing costs for owners and operators.”

With five to eight cylinders, the X52-S2.0 engine will feature a cylinder bore diameter of 520mm and a piston stroke of 2,045mm.

A six-cylinder version of the X62-S2.0 engine and the first X52-S2.0 engine will be tested at the end of 2021 and six months later respectively.