Arcserve’s data resilience platform spans the entire business continuity category, empowering partners to manage and protect critical business data across systems and applications, on premises and in the cloud.

Data protection software

  • ShadowProtect- Continuous image-based backups enable fast, easy, reliable disaster recovery in smaller environments
  • ShadowXafe- Next-generation backup and recovery solution with both agentless and agent-based protection for highly virtualised environments
  • United Data Protection- Heterogeneous, complete data backup and disaster recovery for cloud, virtual and physical workloads with built-in deduplication Secured by Sophos – integrated cyber and data protection for on-premises, cloud, and SaaS-based data.
  • Continuous availability- Asynchronous, real-time protection and heartbeat-powered automatic failover to prevent downtime and data loss
  • Tape backup- Comprehensive enterprise-grade backup storage management and backup to tape, disk, and cloud
  • Live migration- Non-disruptive orchestration and migration of data, apps, and workloads to the cloud and any other infrastructure

Cloud solutions

  • Cloud services- Purpose-built disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) cloud for the protection of on premises workloads and business continuity
  • UDP cloud hybrid- Fully integrated cloud backup, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery extension to Arcserve data protection software and appliances
  • SaaS backup- Comprehensive cloud-to-cloud application backup and recovery for Microsoft 365, Google Workplace and more
  • Cloud direct- Direct-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery without the need for local hardware

Data protection appliances

  • Solo- On-premises data protection and DRaaS built for SMB and ROBO workloads provided via a mini form factor appliance
  • 9000 Series- Prevent, protect, and immunise with an all-in-one platform for disaster recovery, backup, cybersecurity, and application availability

Immutable storage appliances

  • OneXafe- Scale-out, immutable storage for unstructured data and backup targets

Cloud-based management

  • Cloud console- The unified, web-based management interface for Arcserve provides a seamless user experience from which to protect the entire business
  • OneSystem- The unified management service for ShadowXafe, OneXafe, and OneXafe Solo to make oversight powerful, simple, and intuitive