CybeReady provides an end-to-end solution covering all your Cyber Security Training needs with almost zero IT effort. Built by cybersecurity learning experts, CybeReady combines data science with advanced automation and enables organisations to run easy, successful and frictionless training.

Complete cyber security awareness training in one hour

CybeReady’s solution is fully-managed, with expertise and knowledge built into the product. Invest just one hour per quarter and provide your entire workforce with short, engaging learning nuggets every single month. Access key metrics on the dashboard to review real-time progress and report training results to Management with a click of a button

BLAST phishing simulations and training

Our continuous Phishing Simulations trains employees to detect and avoid phishing attacks. Content adapts automatically based on employee’s performance and location (in 38 languages).The result is an effective, solid change in employee behaviour.

CAB continuous awareness bites

Awareness bites and quizzes are sent to employees’ inbox continuously for a short (30- second), engaging learning experience. Training covers all topics required by NIST, including: passwords, web usage, physical security, mobile phone security, social media, and more.

AuditReady hassle-free compliance

The perfect add-on to CybeReady’s autonomous training platform, AuditReady allows you to achieve, maintain and prove compliance with ease. It automatically sends mandatory security content to employees, tracks their completion and generates one-click reports.