A complete fleet wide cyber solutions built for maritime

We provide vessel-wide and fleet-wide cybersecurity monitoring, prioritisation, and migration. This is best-in-class, multi-layered protection, designed specifically for maritime IT, OT, and third party integrations, which includes ongoing compliance with maritime regulations (IMO, IACS, and others).

End to end cyber coverage

Cover all of your assets onboard, with IT, OT, and communication for protection at every layer- your assets, network, vulnerabilities, and compliance.

Comprehensive vessel and fleet SIEM

Complete monitoring and management for the whole fleet and on individual vessels, even when they are offline, with a streamlined UI dashboard design.

Maritime context aware AI detection

Advanced detection of cyber threats based on deep AI metadata analysis of anomalies.

Cyber risk management solution

Embedded risk scoring analyses, with prioritisation and mitigation recommendation.

Cydome solutions

Comprehensive asset inventory

Eliminate blindspots across the vessel’s network

  • Full coverage of IT, OT, communication, and third party access
  • Accurately map all onboard assets to identify vulnerabilities
  • Receive automatic alerts on anomalies
  • Segment networks to reduce the attack surface

Real-time detection

Advanced intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS).

  • Catch signs of intrusions before they break through
  • Expose and report on all possible attacks
  • Keep systems isolated and uncompromised
  • Receive automatic recommendations to address threats and mitigate damage

Vulnerability scanning

Know your weak points

  • Detect real time cyber threats from on and offshore
  • Monitor the latest known threats for comprehensive risk management
  • Get detailed recommendations and mitigation steps whenever threats are found

Embedded maritime compliance

Automated compliance wizard.

  • Continuously updated cybersecurity manual
  • Maintain continuous compliance with IMO2021 standards with built in tools
  • Cruise confidently and compliantly into 2024, when IACS Unified Requirements E26 and E27 become mandatory
  • Automate away manual compliance tasks for accurate and seamless reporting inspectors