M-Wave360 platform- general benefits

  • Everything in one place: Organise everything in one place, so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one.
  • Reserve same view of information for office and vessels: Monitor and view everything under an identical interface, so users on board and ashore will always know where to view or search for the requested information.
  • View and manage everything the way you like: Dynamic views/queries are virtual folders that organise information automatically. Manage and view cases, documents and other items exactly how you want to.
  • Simplified management system documents collaboration and editing: Keep track when a document or form is being revised, preserve old document versions and view log history of each change that has been made.
  • Find the right content instantly: Searching, finding and recovering information is now simple and fast.
  • Access everywhere: Access any document, anywhere, any time through different type of clients (desktop, web, and tablet/mobile).
  • Sharing documents: Sharing documents in M-Wave360 is as easy, either on board or ashore.
  • Management system documents and forms controlled templates: Save time when creating a new instance by using an existing template which automatically fills in the right information for commonly used documents.
  • Work with documents within the platform: Open, edit and save documents without leaving M-Wave360 platform. Preserve versioning and history on any action.
  • E-signing/paperless management: Stay compliant with M-Wave360. Sign documents and objects with electronic and digital signatures. Meet your environmental KPIs!
  • Instantly familiar: M-Wave360 integrates directly with the Windows Explorer interface. Access the document repository, just like a disk drive, and drag and drop files into and out of M-Wave360 in seconds.
  • Automate business processes and boost productivity: Get an extra boost in overall productivity while ensuring compliance by streamlining common yet time consuming tasks like browsing management system, track of ms changes, electronic manuals, forms, risk assessments, certificates and handle all core activities like drills, training, audits/inspections/PSC/vetting/TMSAs, and more.
  • Connection with third party systems: M-Wave360 is able to connect with third party systems (like ERP, CRM, etc.), thus acting as a complementary tool to these systems. Consolidate the information under the same platform.
  • Microsoft Office integration: M-Files integrates tightly with older or latest versions of Microsoft Office and can support any file type.
  • Outlook e-mail integration in M-Wave360: Easily save emails and attachments directly to your vault. Smart Folders know exactly what documents are and who they are related to.
  • Reporting: Able to create analytics and dashboard reports, even by using the Microsoft Office data within the forms.
  • Automatic permissions: Give control back to the responsible business managers, handle your IT resources in the most efficient and smart way with automatic permissions.
  • Vessel synchronisation ability: The Sync module enhances the quality of collaboration by allowing the replication of data and information between vessels and office no matter the location of each vessel. When back online, all data will be synched automatically.
  • Work offline on vessels: Offline availability allows you to have access, view, edit and save cases / documents even without network connection or.
  • Enterprise-grade security of your content: We take your privacy and data protection seriously and help you to ensure your content is not compromised. Contents in M-Wave360 are audited and also encrypted at rest and in transit, fulfilling the technical requirements of several shipping industry standards and regulations.
  • Full coverage of the needs of the Covid-19 era: Everything should be observed and submitted electronically (remote audits – submission of a large number of documents for evaluation, etc.)
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Ability to customise and add additional functionality with low cost, little effort, and high speed of implementation according to each company’s requirements.

M-Wave360 QMS: a complete ship safety management solution

M-Wave360 QMS is a Ship Management solution for Health, Safety, Security, Quality, and Environment (HSSQE), designed and implemented to meet the needs of the shipping industry both onboard and ashore, no matter the types of maritime operations or company size. It is the ideal tool for fulfilling your corporate needs and satisfying external authorities’ obligations.

It facilitates the creation, deployment, circulation, and processing of core activities, covering a broad set of actions such as Management System, MS Changes, Electronic Manuals, Forms, Risk Assessments, Certificates and all core activities such as drills, training, audits/inspections/PSC/vetting/TMSAs.

Activity management module

  • Real Time Monitoring and Management of vessel Activities through a single point of Information.
  • Intelligent Assignment of Actions/Tasks per role, department, authorisation levels, etc., to Vessels and Office
  • Schedule, plan, logging, and follow up of future and past activities to the office and vessels.
  • Overview and tracking of all activities and their timely commencement and/or progress.
  • Maintain detailed records for internal, external, office, or shipboard audits, inspections, training, meetings, and drills & prove their proper execution.
  • Automate all processes through designed workflows and approvals.
  • Keep track of approvals and enhance verification through electronic and digital signatures.
  • Reminders of the forms needed for the proper submission of an activity.
  • Users may link images, documents, evidence, checklists, and drawings to any activities (audits, incidents, meetings, drills, etc.).
  • Load respective manuals for the execution of an activity and many more
  • Easy user-based overview of upcoming activities across his/her own assigned fleet.

Management system module

  • Organise, classify, or group documents using a hierarchical structure.
  • Avoidance of proprietary systems/form editors by using each Company’s MS content without commitments (word/excel) – Avoidance of associated costs and effort
  • Overview, Search, and keep version control to the company’s MS and all manuals.
  • User-friendly search engine and easy to find the structure of MS Procedures can be linked with forms, manuals, external documents, etc.
  • Create MS Change Requests, review them per “status,” and categorise them by priority
  • Apply approval workflow before publishing or revising a document
  • Maintain records of entries and/or changes made to a document
  • Enforce CONFIDENTIALITY to security-related manuals and procedures
  • E-signing. Sign documents and objects with electronic and digital signatures
  • Centralised storage of all external documents and circulars, visible to office and vessels
  • Ability to check the revised procedures of the last month, keep track of changes, and be up to date.

Forms management module 

  • A flexible tool for both ashore and onboard to submit information and reports in a uniform and controlled way
  • Manage, Review & handle in Electronic format all of your current MS forms, designed in MS Word / MS Excel
  • Electronic templates can be designed and assigned from office to vessels.
  • Keep track of all forms and control both the accuracy and safety of the job flow and the proper record keeping.
  • Link forms to activities and mandate the user to use it Set up approval flows on board the vessel and between vessel and office.
  • Make sure that crew members will follow specific workflow based on the kind of the form.
  • E-signing- sign documents and objects with electronic and digital signatures
  • Avoid forms exchange through email attachments and hard copies.
  • Forms can also be subject to MS Change Requests exactly as your procedures are.
  • The Forms Management module can also be used as an assisting tool for reporting, e.g., near misses, non-conformities, safety observations, and incidents.

Risk management module

  • This module assists shipowners in guaranteeing the crew’s health, safety, and environmental protection.
  • Risk assessment is using an excel form as a base, and it has never been more user-friendly.
  • Keep risk assessment forms as a template, empty or already pre-filled.
  • You can set up approval procedures and send risk assessments for approval either by vessel (Master, C/E, C/O, etc.) or Office (Super/nt or DPA).
  • Risk assessment can be linked to any planned activity.
  • Risk assessment can be mandatory before submitting an activity.
  • E-signing- sign documents and objects with electronic and digital signatures
  • The company can categorise them and create a “risk assessment library.”
  • Risk Assessments Templates can be subject to Change Request and get revisions to prove that system is improving.

Task management module

  • This module consists of all personalised/assigned tasks that a user shall perform in one overview.
  • It provides information and powerful/flexible management for all departments (HSQE, Marine, Technical, etc.).
  • Task List overview per vessel or fleet or group of vessels
  • Optimise vessels’ proper monitoring
  • Adjustable system fitting your company’s internal processes
  • Dashboard – design your dynamic dashboards and achieve a quick overview for your daily needs. A personalised follow-up tool with a user-friendly layout

Certificate handling

  • Provide proper management of all mandatory and statutory vessel certificates from ship and shore, with scanned copies of the actual certificates
  • Never miss an expiring certificate, which is due for renewal. Keep track of all currently issued certificates across the fleet.
  • Same view to office and vessels
  • Preview of Certificate Track and manage the old certificates
  • Arrange certificates into groups (statutory, permanent, class, etc.)
  • Monitor crew licenses, training records, certificates’ validity, and expirations
  • Notify the right people who are assigned to each one


  • A valuable tool to extract the system’s data and be used for your easy perusal or presentation with graphs and pivots
  • Analyse data efficiently and identify your areas for improvement
  • Create customised reports that match your KPIs.
  • Ability of reporting by using each word/excel content (Lost Time Injuries LTI, Total Recorded Injuries TR, Navigational Incidents – Touching NIT, Critical Equipment Incidents CEI, Spills To Sea STS, and more).

M-Wave360 Platform- invoice management

The Finance department is at the core of a business’s operations, ensuring that accounts are properly billed and paid in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, at most organisations, Accounts Payable information is stuck—and sometimes lost—in paper. Although paper is a very convenient way of storing information for business transactions and events, there are several problems associated with it. As we all know, paper is hard to track, easy to lose, and expensive. Working with it is costly—consider the resources required to handle paper, store and maintain it, make the information on it visible, and dig it out of information silos. Merely guaranteeing the timely delivery of information is difficult, as are sharing information and collaborating, especially between remote workers or partners. In addition, paper also increases the difficulty of securing information, leading to greater costs and risks associated with compliance, audits, and reporting.

But paper isn’t the only culprit. Organisations that manage Accounts Payable documentation digitally can experience problems if they’re still tied to inefficient processes. Even when AP information is digital, workers in many organisations still use email for reviews and approvals, manually hunting for invoices and other AP documentation in network folders. Often, the “digital” process implemented is a direct replication of previous paper-based process, which fail to capitalise on the full value of an enterprise information management system.

Document management with M-Wave360 ensures all information is digital and can be immediately available and accessible by all parties concerned in smart, user-friendly and intuitive ways, based on what it is rather than where it is.

It also ensures better monitoring of Accounts Payable procedures, improved and secure record keeping, as well as elimination of information silos due to a single platform that manages all information and processes. Most importantly, company personnel always have access to the most up-to-date version of corporate documents.

The state-of-the-art workflow/process creation capabilities of M-Wave360 allow you to build, document and communicate your business processes in a lightning-fast and easy way which fully utilizes the benefits of digital technology and boosts your effectiveness and efficiency.

M-Wave360 has the ability to be fully integrated with the company’s ERP system, acting as a complementary tool to them, consolidating the information under the same platform, and provide a broad set of benefits:

  • Time savings – no longer spend hours -or days- trying to identify the status of documents hidden under piles of paper and waste time handling supplier inquiries or resolving invoice disputes. Automated invoice routing can be applied, so the right person automatically receives an invoice at the right time with programmable reminders. Quickly identify whether appropriate reviews and approvals of critical documents have been conducted.
  • Low-cost invoicing – Business process automation saves labour costs and cuts down on hard costs, such as office supplies and postage for interoffice mail.
  • Enhanced insight – It’s very easy to see where an invoice is sitting and whom to contact in case of delays doubt or whether tasks have been completed according to regulatory mandates.
  • Fraud protection – Accounts Payable automated process can help your business safeguard against fraud by controlling which employees have access to invoice approval.
  • Integration with existing ERP systems – The ERP system will store a hyperlink of the original document.
  • Low-cost data preservation – The cost of preserving digital versions of invoices is very low while you can search very fast the content of any digital document within M-Files. No more looking up modified dates or comparing changes in digital files to be sure of correct information.

M-Wave360 Platform- Outlook add-in

Bringing yet another application into the mix of the employee’s daily routine is a distraction at best, and at worst, can lead to a considerable drop in productivity. Using Outlook folders for document management does not provide an integrated view to all content, the data is siloed, hard to find, and often inaccessible to those who need it. Having to switch between applications can slow people down and disrupt routines that have been known to work. M-Wave360 Outlook add-in combines Outlook’s familiar user experience with the M-Files robust set of information management tools of filing, searching, and document management capabilities while at the same time is providing uninterrupted access to M-Files repositories from within the familiar Outlook interface.

Easily file your emails with intelligence

  • Intelligently store your emails in seconds to the M-Files database.
  • Either by simply dragging and dropping to M-Files folders directly within the Outlook interface, or by automatically detecting any information within the emails and use them as metadata to tag the information for classification
  • Avoid saving the same information multiple times; the system is detecting whether an email has already been kept into M-Files and warn the user.
  • Remove the manual labour and tagging errors

View ongoing project and case materials directly from M-Files

  • Select particular views from M-Files to be directly synced with Outlook.
  • Gain access to all of the materials from a familiar user interface, without constantly switching applications

Store, organise, and retrieve information

  • Allow users to save and archive incoming and outgoing email messages to the M-Files database for compliance, retention, long-term storage, and backup.
  • Organise, associate, and view all e-mails among any other files under the same project in Outlook.
  • Easy retrieval of Information. The system can search for the requested information everywhere, inside the subject, message body and the attachments. If OCR is enabled, then we can also search within images.
  • Maintain specific information needed to the Maritime Industry on each message, such as Unique Reference Number, seen by, Comments, Keywords, Read/Unread functionality for shared mailboxes, and others.
  • M-Wave360 Outlook add-in is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010 or newer and MS Exchange Server or Microsoft365 accounts

Security, protection, compliance

  • Enhance the security and protection of stored Information. Database is audited and encrypted, and users gain access control through permissions.
  • Keep version control and history of each document. Share content with your colleagues safely and irrelevant of any document type or size.
  • Reduce PST or Exchange mailbox size, minimise corruption risks and keep Outlook stable and fast, by storing email in M-Files
  • Protect information from accidental deletion of critical messages.
  • Stay compliant. Ensure that you are always working from the latest version of the truth with an entire audit trail and all-important emails saved and tagged with the correct information to ensure compliance