AG lubricant

High-performance Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants for open gears and steel cables

Klüber Lubrication’s AG 39-602 lubricant is:

  • Compliant with the requirements for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants as defined in Appendix A of the 2013 Vessel General Permit
  • Suitable for the lubrication of open pinion gears on winches and jack-up platforms, as well as steel cables, which are in contact with water
  • Less hamful to the environmen in the event of discharge into water
  • A readily biodegradable grease with a biodegradability of ≥60% acc. to OECD 301 F after 28 days
  • Derived from renewable resources
  • Good for adhesion and water resistance for long relubrication intervals
  • Long-lasting due to its selected additives, which extend component life and reduce wear
  • A provider of corrosion protection under seawater influence due to specially selected anti-corrosion additives