To provide a continuous and comprehensive assessment of the quality of lubricating and hydraulic oil, Martechnic® has designed and developed the MT Modular Monitoring System: an assembly of various sensors that measure different oil parameters in real-time.

The advantageous feature of the Mt Modular Monitoring System is the possibility to install either all available sensors as a complete set (Viscosity and Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Particle Sensor, FE Sensor, and Water-In-Oil Sensor) or to choose the required sensors in accordance with individual characteristics of the application. Customisation of the monitoring system allows effective measurement of the oil properties that are crucial for a particular oil system. This enables optimisation of investment cost for the sensor technology.

Owing to its modular design, the MT Modular Monitoring System is suitable to apply for all aggregates. After installation and integration of the system and integration of the selected sensors into the engine system, the data on the continuously measured parameters is transferred to the special processing unit DATALOGGER, stored and then evaluated. Irrespective of the selected combination of sensors, a software system for data recording and read-out is provided.

By measuring the relative parameters, the oil system can be monitored for the presence of water and the saturation degree of the oil, contamination with insoluble or metal particles, the degree of wear debris based on the analysis of ferromagnetic particles, and the current viscosity and density value.

Consequently, the continuous multifaceted verification of the oil quality provides immediate detection of any occurring changes in the oil condition. It can help to extend the useful life-time of the oil as well as maintenance intervals, which are determined following the practice of condition-based maintenance.

The key benefits of the MT Modular Monitoring System include:

  • Continuous multifaceted oil monitoring
  • Plug and play
  • Customised to any application
  • Real-time comprehensive results
  • Advanced warning function
  • Improved maintenance practices