The MT COOLANT CHECK is the innovative, patent pending test device of Martechnic, developed and designed for regular on-site assessment of the engine coolant quality in the global shipping sector and beyond. In contrast to traditional engine coolant testing, the measurement method of the MT COOLANT CHECK offers a completely novel approach to engine cooling system predictive maintenance that is not yet available on the market.

The traditional practices of engine coolant testing are based on the assessment of complex physical and/or chemical analyses of individual parameters (pH, chlorides, nitrite additives etc) to determine whether the anti-corrosion effect of the coolant in use is still sufficient. For instance, the foregoing test kits of Martechnic COOLANT AND LUBE OIL and MT COOLING WATER CHECK offer such separate diagnostic tests for each key parameter in routine coolant analysis programmes.

In contrast, the MT COOLANT CHECK provides a non-chemical and environmentally friendly on-board measurement method based on an electrotechnical apparatus with constant (corrosion resistant) and working/changeable (corrosion-prone) electrodes in a simulated cooling system. By applying electrical voltage, both electrodes are subjected to corrosion stress, and the performance of the engine coolant is characterised in relation to its existing level of corrosion protection.

Thereby, the MT COOLANT CHECK replaces the measurement of individual parameters and the determination of the content of anti-corrosion additives in ‘ppm’ or ‘mg/l’, with direct assessment of the overall effectiveness of the anti-corrosion protection on the metals used in the cooling system. For quantification of the remaining corrosion protection, a new unit of measurement is created: an abstract value referred to as ‘MT unit’ (“Lagner”).

The test result in MT units (“Lagner”) is to be assessed in relation to the factors in the Recommendation Chart:

By considering all the factors together, the user receives accurate information on the coolant system condition (such as whether the engine coolant is fit for further use or if attention/action is required). In case of abnormal conditions, the accurate dosing rate of the chemical additive to be added can be calculated.

The key benefits of the MT COOLANT CHECK include:

  • Replaces a series of individual tests
  • No (hazardous) chemicals for testing
  • Environmentally friendly