Turbo Internacional stocks the full PBS turbocharger range. Their latest range has high-performance, innovative technology with a clever build for easy and cost-effective maintenance.

PBS turbochargers are the first choice for a range of modern gas engines delivering robust performance.

The company’s highly skilled factory technicians service PBS turbochargers and can assist customers with the latest improvements and updates that will keep the turbochargers running at full performance.


One of the key strengths of the PBS PTR/NR/TCR range of turbochargers is that they also serve as a direct replacement for other brands of turbochargers, most times as a direct bolt-on replacement.

These turbochargers are suitable for a wide range of engines and fuels including diesel, heavy fuel, natural gas, biogas and landfill gas.

These retrofits are highly beneficial in replacing actual units, which may be obsolete, underperforming, problematic, unreliable or costly.

We have successfully carried out an important number of retrofits on diesel, gas and biogas engines during the last few years giving us an invaluable wealth of field data and experience. This allows us to reliably recommend and find a solution for all engines.