Marine tank management is made simple and actionable with Emerson’s vision workstation and monitor.

Get control of tank-related functions with a CPU Workstation and visualisation through a 17in, 19in or 24in TFT monitor.

CPU integrates as a free-standing unit or mounted on back of monitors. CPU has no moving parts and needs no fan.

Monitors are easily mountable to a console or desk. Touchscreen option is available where there is no space for a trackball or keyboard.

Monitors are equipped with wide-angle view and full dimming.

Features include:

  • Robust design adapted for harsh marine environments
  • Various installation possibilities in a panel, console or desk
  • Wide range of monitor sizes 17in, 19in or 24in
  • 24VDC, 230VAC or dual power supply
  • Integrated CPU for MTM applications
  • Connection ports for external keyboard, mouse or trackball
  • Connection ports to Ethernet
  • Engineered by specialist devoted to the marine industry
  • Meets requirements for all major marine classifications