L3Harris pioneered full LED / NVG friendly Visual Landing Aids (VLA) onboard ship helidecks since 2001, setting the standard in the field for helo and fixed wings requirements.

Our systems are now operational on the major worldwide naval fleets and are installed on heliports and offshore platforms, and deployed on expeditionary helipads and airfields worldwide.

Main features

  • NVG-compatible and NVG-friendly (use with unaided eye or night vision goggles)
  • Fully integrated solution with display control panel, software programmable
  • LED technology for all the units
  • Precise dimming from 0%-100%, for true day and night operations
  • Shine GSI with adaptive light engine for different night vision goggles version/evolution and covert option (IR and visible LEDs independently dimmable)
  • SLIM Low Impact Deck lighting, reliable design and simple installation
  • Designed to comply with all applicable standards
  • Proven systems in a large number of single-spot flight decks to aircraft carriers