Turbo Internacional has a fully equipped modern workshop enabling the company to perform high-quality inspection and repair work.

Work on all brands of turbocharges is carried out, including:

  • Blade repair
  • Ultraviolet crack detection
  • Hardness testing
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Wall thickness test of gas casings
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Microblasting
  • Metal spraying
  • Balancing

The balancing machines at the workshop are capable of balancing rotors from 100g to 1,800kg. All new supply, reconditioned and newly assembled rotor units supplied from the workshop are balance checked. If necessary, the workshop corrects the units to meet manufacturer specifications.

Turbo Internacional balancing machines are calibrated and certified annually by an independent firm in order to ensure their precision according to ISO standards.

Hardness testing

Turbo Internacional carries out hardness tests according to manufacturer specifications with certified equipment on all compressor wheels that are provided by the workshop.

The test can diagnose and prevent operational failures. It also assesses the state of a particular wheel.

Welding repairs

The workshop’s welding department can perform standard and special welding work that is suitable for each particular component and material.

Ultrasonic wall thickness test

A wall thickness test is carried out with a certified tester that measures how thick the gas casing walls are. This can highlight weak points that could potentially turn into cracks causing water leaks during operation.

Rotor shaft repair

Rotor shafts can be rebuilt to manufacturer specification, depending on the extent of the wear, the bearing journals, sealing areas, and pump spigots.