The Blue Star ferries have an overall length of 176.095m.
Blue Star 1 operates in the route from Patras (Greece) to Ancona (Italy).
Blue star 1 and 2 were launched within 14 weeks of each other.
Like its sister ship, Blue star 2 has a gross tonnage of 29,415gt.
Blue star 2 has a total vehicle capacity of 640 cars.
The Blue Star 1 ferry in port.
Blue Star 1 and 2 both have a capacity for 1,600 people in total.

The two ferries – Blue Star 1 and 2 – operate in the route from Patras (Greece) to Ancona (Italy). They are owned by Owner Strintzis Lines Shipping and operated by Blue Star ferries, and were launched within only 14 weeks of each other. The Blue Star ferries have an overall length of 176.095m and a length between perpendiculars of 160.575m, with a beam of 25.7m. They have a design draft of 6.350m, a depth main deck of 9.4m, and a depth to deck 5 of 15.1m.

The ferries have a registered gross tonnage of 29,415gt and a net tonnage of 10,048t. The deadweight is 4,563t and at 6.5m draft, they have a deadweight of 5,075t.


The ferries have a total capacity of 1,600 passengers. There are 24 two-berth de luxe (48 people), and 81 two-berth cabins (162 people). In addition, there are 54 four-berth people (216 passengers). There are also two two-berth handicapped cabins (four passengers). This totals 161 cabins accommodating 430 passengers. There are 72 reclining seats.


Vehicles access is by means of a couple of two-stern ramps, 12m long and 6.2m in height. There are three trailer decks. The main deck and the upper deck both have a free height of 4.9m and are 895 lane metres in length – each enough to hold 260 cars Internally. There are two ramps: a tiltable internal access ramp to upper deck, measuring 46m in length and standing at 3.3m, and a tiltable ramp down to the lower hold. This ramp is 21m in length and is 3m high. The lower deck has a free height of 3m and can accommodate 100 cars. This gives the ferry a total capacity of 640 cars.

There are a number of amenities for the passengers. The entrance plaza can seat 23, while the café can accommodate 128 people. There is also a self-service restaurant that is able to hold 225 people. Other rooms include a yacht club lounge, with a capacity for 319 people and there is a small 36-seater cinema. The first class class lounge can hold 213, while the first class restaurant seats161 guests.

The main lifesaving equipment consists of four lifeboats, which can hold 600 passengers. There are also 28 1iferafts, which can hold 700 passengers, and there is a fast rescue craft.

Each ferry can store 375m³ of fresh water, 35m³ of sewage and 515m³ of ballast water. There are also 800m³ trim tanks for stability. To drive the ferry, the tanks can store 880m³ of fuel oil and 180m³ of diesel, as well as 59m³ of lube oil.


The main engine consists of four MAN B&W 8L58/64 units, with an output of 11,120kW each when running at 428rpm. The auxilliary engine is a MAN B&W 6L28/32 units, which produceS an output of 1,260kW when running at 720rpm. These drive a pair of 5.40m-diameter Kamewa propellers at 144rpm. For manoeuvring, the Blue Star uses two 2-Kamewa bowthrusters with an output of 1,200kW each. The ferries also have Blohm & Voss stabilizers.

The ferry is registered +100Al Roro Cargo & Passenger Ship Total.