Damen’s Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 3307 integrates an Axe-bow design. Image courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.
Homeland Integrated Offshore Services Limited (HIOSL) received the fourth FCS 3307 in January 2018. Image courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.
Damen 3307 Patrol is a variant of the Fast Crew Supplier 3307. Image courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.

The Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 3307 vessel is being offered by Damen Shipyards Group to support crew transfers and transportation of cargo and provisions.

Specialised Vessel Services (SVS) placed an order in August 2011 for two Damen FCS 3307 vessels, namely SVS Dampier and SVS Monck. The company placed a contract for the third vessel, SVS Hawkins, in April 2012.

Damen Shipyards also delivered an FCS 3307 vessel, SVS Teach, to SVS in March 2013.

Homeland Integrated Offshore Services (HIOSL) received four FCS 3307 Patrol vessels from Damen between 2014 and 2018. The vessels were named Guardian 1, Guardian 2, Guardian 3 and Guardian 4. The FCS 3307 Patrol is a variant of the FCS 3307 vessel.

FCS 3307 design details

The Damen FCS 3307 incorporates an axe-bow, with an aluminium superstructure. The axe-shaped bow provides superior sea-keeping performance at higher speeds and offers low resistance, which improves the fuel efficiency at all speeds.

The vessel is 34.2m-long and 3.3m-deep along the sides, and has a beam of 7.2m and maximum draft of 2.5m.

The vessel features a 75m² cargo deck, which can support a maximum load of 2.5t/m². It is attached to an aluminium fender, while the corners and sides are fitted with heavy-duty rubber and tyre fenders respectively.

Navigation and communications

The FCS 3307 is installed with a magnetic compass, an echo sounder, a radar, an automatic identification system (AIS), a searchlight, a chart plotter, an autopilot and a global positioning system (GPS).

The communication systems aboard the vessel include an intercom for internal communication, a loudhailer, a GMDSS A2 external communication system and a weather system.

“The deck is installed with a high holding power Pool TW anchor and an optional foldable deck crane.”

The vessel can be optionally equipped with an additional radar, differential GPS, night vision camera, CCTV system, Wi-Fi system, and GMDSS A3-compliant external communication systems.

FCS 3307 accommodation details

The FCS 3307 offers accommodation for up to six crew members and 75 personnel. The accommodation spaces are equipped with an air-conditioning system with a capacity of up to 130,000BTU/hr.

The main deck features an industrial personnel area along with sanitary spaces, while the lower deck accommodates a mess, a pantry, and cabins.

Deck equipment and capacities

The deck is installed with a high holding power (HHP) Pool TW anchor and an optional foldable deck crane.

The vessel is capable of pumping fuel and fresh water at a rate of 30m³/hr at 5.5 bar. It also has an external fi-fi system with a transfer capacity of 180m³/hr.

Optional equipment including a bilge water separator, a self-cleaning fuel separator, a flow indicator, a sewage treatment plant and a heating system can also be fitted.

FCS 3307 propulsion

The vessel is powered by three Caterpillar/MTU main engines driving three fixed-pitch propellers through three Reintjes WVS series gearboxes. The powerplant develops a maximum power output of up to 3,250bkW.

The propulsion system also integrates a 75kW hydraulic bow thrusters. Shipboard power is supplied by two generator sets. The propulsion system provides a top speed of 28kt and a maximum range of 1,000nm at maximum operating speed.

The FCS 3307 is equipped with an electrically-driven general service pump and a non-self cleaning fuel separator. The engine room has a ventilation of 38,000m³/hr and includes hand-operated fire extinguishers and a fixed fire-fighting system.