Damen Responder 5413 is a new range of first line assistance vessels introduced by Damen Shipyards Group. The vessel is intended to serve governments and local authorities and provide assistance in relief and emergency operations.

The first Responder 5413 vessel was launched by Damen Shipyards in March 2017. It is based on the design of the proven Multi Purpose Vessel (MPV) 5413.

Damen Responder 5413 design and features

The vessel incorporates a mono-hull design demonstrating superior sea-keeping characteristics in extreme weather conditions. The hull and superstructure are made of marine-grade A steel. The outer hull and superstructure are coated by an epoxy-based system according to commercial standards. The flexible layout of the vessel allows for the integration of modular, containerised equipment.

The Responder 5413 has an overall length of 53.70m, moulded beam of 12.50m, summer draft of 5.50m, moulded depth of 6.15m, and gross tonnage of approximately 1,300t. It offers between 70m² and 95m² of space for offices, 145m² for hospital and 295m² of work area. Other passenger facilities include a crew day room, mess room, galley and a laundry.

The vessel is designed to accommodate up to 40 personnel including 15 crew and staff, seven hospital staff and 18 survivors. It can hold 305m³ of fuel oil, 115m³ of potable fresh water and 135m³ of sewage.

The Responder 5413 vessels are classified by Lloyd’s Register under the notations 100A1, LMC, UMS.

Deck equipment and systems

The vessel’s layout integrates a spacious aft deck providing multiple container stowage options. Its versatile superstructure offers space for stores, medical treatment, recovery and quarantine activities. The slipway of the vessel allows for the launch and recovery of an 8.5m-long rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) for fast and safe transfer of passengers to and from the vessel.

The vessel offers fixed positions for one 20ft container at main deck and three 20ft containers at the aft of the forecastle deck to meet the specific requirements of a range of missions. The containers can accommodate modular workshop or storage facility, oil recovery equipment, diving equipment, fire-fighting equipment, water generation equipment and electrical power generation system.

The loading and unloading tasks are handled by an offshore rated deck crane installed on the aft deck. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 10t at an outreach of 12m.

The ship can also be configured to offer extended office space and the slipway can be removed to create more deck space.

"The vessel is designed to accommodate up to 40 personnel including 15 crew and staff, seven hospital staff and 18 survivors."

Navigation and communications

The operations room aboard the vessel is installed with a complete global maritime distress and safety system A3-compliant (GMDSS A3) communications, integrated navigation bridge, an X-band radar system as well as an audio-video system with video and audio on demand for accommodation spaces.

The machinery and equipment aboard the vessel are designed to operate continuously in seawater temperatures between -1°C and 32°C, and outside air temperatures ranging between -10°C and 45°C.

Damen Responder 5413 propulsion

The propulsion system integrates two electrical driven azimuth thrusters with a fixed pitch propeller. The azimuth units generate a maximum power output of 415kW. The vessel is also equipped with a 200kW bow thruster for high manoeuvrability. Shipboard power is supplied by four 345ekW auxiliary generators and an emergency battery set.

The vessel can operate in relatively shallow waters and its propulsion system provides a trail speed of approximately 11.2kt and cruise speed of 10kt. The range of the vessel is approximately 8,000nmi when sailing at a speed of 11.2kt.