The Endurance is a self-propelled, self-elevating jack-up barge used for offshore construction.
GMS is hoping to win exploration activities contacts for the southern gas basin of the North Sea.
The Endurance will also be used for offshore construction and in the wind power installation market.

The GMS Endurance is a self-propelled, self-elevating jack-up barge built by Gulf Marine Services in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The vessel has been designed by Dutch-based offshore group MSC Gusto. The hull of the vessel arrived at the Mussafah shipyard in September 2009. Construction of the vessel was completed in August 2010.

The Endurance is the first of two Gusto 2500X vessels constructed by GMS. Construction of the second vessel, GMS Endeavour, was completed by the fourth quarter of 2010. GMS decided to develop the vessel because of increased demands from clients in the energy sector. The development was also triggered by potential demand from new markets such as the renewables sector.

"The Endurance is used for offshore construction and in the wind power installation market."

The Endurance is used for offshore construction and in the wind power installation market. It can also be used for well intervention, workovers and drilling completions.

GMS Endurance successfully completed the mobilisation of supplementary accommodation for her first client in November 2010. In January 2011, Gulf Marine Services Saudi Arabia (GMSSA), a joint venture between Shoaibi Group and Gulf Marine Services, received a contract from J Ray McDermott (JRM) to provide offshore accommodation services using GMS Endurance.

In October 2011, GMS Endurance departed from Abu Dhabi for deployment at Umm Shaif field under her first UAE contract. GMS was also contracted by BGT to supply Endurance for mobilisation at Miskar gas platform.


In August 2008 offshore and marine consulting firm Noble Denton was awarded a $3.5m contract to undertake detailed design work for the Endurance. The contract involved detailed engineering to be carried by Noble’s subsidiary Offshore Dynamics.

The Endurance has been designed to operate in deep waters and harsh environments. With four 93m legs, the vessel can perform operations in water depths of up to 65m. The vessel can perform field moves and jacking operations without tug assistance.

The vessel has a 30-year design life and features a deck load of around 1,200t.

The construction of the Endurance was supervised by Beacon, a specialist supplier that supplied the chords for the jacking system.


The keel for the Endurance was laid on 15 March 2009. By May 2009, 24 blocks had been completed for the hull. GMS completed the construction of Endurance in August 2010.

Sainty Marine Corporation, a shipbuilding and ship trade company based in China, built the steel hulls for the Endurance and the Endeavour. The second hull was delivered to GMS in October 2009


Power is supplied by four 1,520kW Wartsila diesel-electric generator sets. The Endurance employs four azimuthing propulsion units linked to a Kongsberg DPII fully redundant dynamic positioning system.


The Endurance is equipped with a 280t American Crane along with a 24t Hydrolift unit. It is also equipped with a heavy-lift crane with a capacity of up to 386t.


The vessel has accommodation for 150 people and office suites for client personnel. Its larger deck space can be used for intervention and topside maintenance or construction activities.


The Endurance is equipped with three SSB / Inmarsat marine radios, one aircraft radio, one Global Maritime Distress and Safety System and a Very Small Aperture Terminal.