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The Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) carrier Inigo Tapias was built in Izar's Sestao shipyard for Naviera F. Tapias to help sati


Inigo Tapias


Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) carrier


Izar's Sestao shipyard


Naviera F. Tapias


The Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) carrier Inigo Tapias was built in Izar’s Sestao shipyard for Naviera F. Tapias to help satisfy a projected 50% increase in the Spanish use of the fuel. It will transport LNG from Trinidad and Tobago to Spain.

The Inigo Tapias has an overall length of 284.4m and is 271m between perpendiculars. It has a 42.5m moulded breadth and a 25.4m moulded depth. Its design draught is 11.4m and the scantling draught is 12.3m. It has a gross tonnage of 90,835t (27,251t
net tonnage).


The cargo system is based on four NO96-E2 membrane type tanks designed by Gaz Transport/Technigas. The LNG of SG 0.46 has to be stored at -163°C. The maximum boil-off rate is 0.15%. These tanks use Invar stainless steel with a 36% Nickel content
for both the primary and secondary barriers. Between the two barriers are perlite granules in plywood containers. The cargo capacity is 138,189m³ or 135,930m³ at 98.5% full.

The liquid cargo is discharged by means of two Ebara 12EC-25 1,700m³/h submerged pumps per tank as well as an Ebara 2EC-092 50m³/h stripping pump (per tank, four in total). The discharge time for the entire ship is 12 hours.

There are also two Cryostar CM4055 30,000m³/h high duty and two Cryostar CM300/45 800m³/h low duty compressors as well as two 23,000kg/h main heaters, a Cryostar 65 UT 38/34 9 20,000kg/h vaporiser and a Cryostar 34 UT 25/21 36 forcing
vaporiser. There is also an Ebara 8ECR-12 retractable emergency cargo pump.

The inert gas system consists of a Smit GIN15000 unit with a capacity of 15,000nM³ at a discharge pressure of 0.3barg. There are also two Smit Type 2 MEM120 -3-8 nitrogen gas generators with a 120nM³ capacity at 97% nitrogen.


The main engine propulsion system is based on a steam turbine. It is of a Kawasaki UA-400 cross-compound impulse design with an output of 28,000kW at 83rpm. This is linked to a Kawasaki tandem-articulated double-reduction, double helical type gearbox
with an input of 4,777rpm for the HP turbine and an output of 28,000kW at 83rpm. The condenser is a single pass cooling type.

There are two water-tube MB4E dual fuel boilers from Mitsubishi Heavy Engineering, each with an output of 65,000kg/h.The turbo generator is a Mitsubishi multistage single cylinder condensing unit.

The Inigo Tapias has a Wartsila Vasa 9R32LND four-stroke turbocharged intercooled diesel generator rated at 3,330kW and a Dempman type D 2842 LE201 four-stroke turbocharged intercooled marine emergency genset.

The propeller is a Navalips five-bladed fixed-pitch unit with a diameter of 8,700mm. Power is provided by a pair of steam turbine drive alternators, each giving out 3,150kW. There is also a diesel-driven alternator, outputting 3,150kW of power. For
manoeuvring in port, the Inigo Tapias also has a Kawasaki KT 219B3 1,830kW controllable pitch bow thruster. Steering is by a Frydenbo IRV 3050-2 rotary vane rudder system.

The vessel is equipped with ABB power and onboard drive systems including two 3.3kV main switchboards, two 3.3kV soft starters for cargo pumps, two 110V battery systems, two 3.3kV auto transformer for HD compressors, two 3.3kV compressor motors, two
450V compressor motors, two 450V ACS multidrive for LD compressor motors, two 450V ACS multidrive for auxiliary feed water pumps and two 3.3kV earthing systems.

The Inigo Tapias is registered with Lloyds with the notation +1001, Liquified Gas Tanker, Ship Type 2G, Methane in Membrane tanks. Max. Pressure 0.25 bar, Min. Temperature -1B3C. LMC, UMS. PORT, SDA, IWS. SCM, LI, PDA, NAV1, IBS, ES, TCM, CCS.

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