Lewek Constellation will feature a Huisman offshore mast crane

EMAS AMC’s Lewek Constellation is a multilay offshore construction vessel with ultra deepwater pipelaying and lifting capabilities.
The vessel was delivered in late 2013 and christened officially in March 2015. It was built by Sofel in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

The vessel served VAALCO Gabon to carry out operations at its Etame Marin Field located offshore of Gabon in West Africa. The vessel joined EMAS AMC’s Lewek Express pipelayer, to carry out offshore works for VAALCO under a contract worth $120m.

Lewek Constellation dimensions, accommodation and ancillary facilities

"The vessel served VAALCO Gabon to carry out operations at its Etame Marin Field located offshore of Gabon in West Africa."

The vessel has an overall length of 178.27m, moulded breadth of 46m, moulded depth of 15.6m and maximum draft of 10.5m. Its net tonnage capacity is 14,636t and gross tonnage capacity is 48,786t.

The vessel has a deck area of 4,200m² minus the reels and possesses deck strength of 10t for each square metre
It is equipped with a K-POS (Kongsberg Maritime) DP3 system integrated with position reference and environmental sensor systems.

Lewek Constellation is capable of accommodating 239 people in one-berth cabins. Other ancillary facilities include office rooms, recreation rooms, meeting rooms, gymnasium, smoking room and personal elevator.

Optional features aboard the pipelay and construction vessel

Lewek Constellation features three AQUA-SEP Series 3 water makers with a combined production capacity of 180t a day. A helideck measuring 27.5m x 277.5m, suitable for Sikorsky S-92 and S-61N is also featured in the vessel.

Lewek Constellation remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system

Lewek Constellation features two 150HP Shilling HD work class remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems capable of being launched from ROV hangars with dedicated moonpools. An RAPP Hydema launch and recovery system (LARS) is featured inside the ROV hangars, which is capable of operating at a water depth of 4,000m.

Cranes and pipelay equipment aboard Lewek Constellation

Lewek Constellation features a Huisman offshore mast crane with a lifting capacity of 3,000t including one deck crane with a lifting capacity of 80t and seven knuckle boom cranes.

"Lewek Constellation features three AQUA-SEP Series 3 water makers with a combined production capacity of 180t a day."

Lewek Constellation’s pipelay equipment includes a combined pipelay tower for reel lay and flex lay over a moonpool.

It includes two rigid 400t each tensioners and two flexible tensioners of 260t each, a rigid 900t hang-off clamp, six removable 1,150t reels for rigid pipe and two fixed 1,250t each under-deck carousels for flexible pipe.

The equipment also includes an abandonment and recovery system (A & R system) comprising of two 600t each traction winches, along with a steel wire rope storage capacity of 4,000m with future J-Lay option.

Lewek Constellation safety equipment and communications

Safety equipment aboard the vessel comprises two NPT95 lifeboats capable of accommodating 120 people each, two Norsafe MAKO 655 fast rescue boats capable of carrying 21 persons each and 12 life rafts capable of carrying 20 people each.

Communications equipment fitted to the vessel includes two very small aperture terminal (VSAT) KU band or C-Band satellite communication systems and two high bandwidth internet connection with a speed of 2,048kb per second.

Propulsion of the multilay offshore construction vessel

The vessel’s propulsion and machinery includes two MAK 12M32C main generators with a rated capacity of 5,760kW, six MAK 6M32C auxiliary generators with a rated capacity of 2,880kW, four Hyundai auxiliary generators with a rated capacity of 2,565kW and a Caterpillar C32 emergency generator, rated at 790kW.

The vessel is equipped with two 6,000kW stern azimuth thrusters outboard, two 2,000kW stern azimuth thrusters inboard, two 3,000kW retractable thrusters forward, two 2,700kW tunnel thrusters and a 1,420kW tunnel thruster.

The thrusters were provided by Rolls Royce. The vessel has a transit speed of 12.5kt.

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