Living Stone multi-purpose vessel

Living Stone is a new multi-purpose vessel being built by LaNaval for the marine construction company DEME, which placed the shipbuilding contract with the shipyard in January 2014.

The keel for the ship was laid at LaNaval’s shipyard, off the coast of Bilbao, Spain. The vessel is expected to be delivered in April 2017.

The state-of-the-art, multi-role vessel will be capable of performing cable, umbilical and rock installation, trenching, offshore transport and installation works.

DEME secured a design and build cable installation contract from DONG Energy to deploy Living Stone at the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, Hornsea Project One.

Upon completion, Living Stone will be the world’s most advanced and one of the biggest subsea cable-laying vessels.

Living Stone multi-purpose vessel features

The cable-laying vessel will have an overall length of 161m, moulded breadth of 32m, draught of 6.5m and deadweight of 13,185t.

Living Stone will include solar panels and wind turbines onboard. It will utilise biodegradable grease and oil and heat recuperation to decrease fuel consumption and thereby minimise CO2 and NOx and SOx emissions.

A heli-deck will also be built on the vessel to accommodate a Silkorsky S92 helicopter. The vessel will offer accommodation facilities for 100 people in 52 single and 24 double cabins.

Deck equipment and systems

The vessel will feature double main deck measuring 112m-long and 32m-wide. The main deck will offer a total area of 3,600m² and a deck load capacity of 20t/m². The moonpool of the multi-purpose vessel will measure 7.9m-long and 7.9m-wide.

The vessel will include a 600t crane for the installation and removal of subsea structures. It can be optionally installed with a 65t SWL A-frame (SS5) and twin wire lift 1,000m umbilical winch at the stern. The A-frame will also include a 2m telescopic docking frame and a winch with slack motion compensation. The A-frame will be powered by twin 150kW hydraulic power units.

Living Stone will be installed with Kongsberg K-POS DP3 dynamic positioning (DP) system, which includes a triple-redundant DP system controller unit and three identical operator stations. The DP system is capable of providing a direct interface to the vessel’s propulsion system.

Cable-laying equipment onboard Living Stone

The vessel will feature two 5,000t cable carousels from Maats Tech. The two wheel tensioners will have a capacity of 3t each, whereas the two winches aboard will have a load-bearing capacity of 10t each. The linear product loading speed at the centre core area of the cable carousels will be 1,200m an hour.

"Upon completion, Living Stone will be the world’s most advanced and one of the biggest subsea cable-laying vessels."

Living Stone will be optionally installed with a CBT 1100 Trencher, powered by two 400kW electro-hydraulic power packs and to include 1,750mm-wide, heavy-duty track gear to minimise ground pressure.

It will also feature a TSS dual-track cable tracking system and heavy-duty chair cutter system, which is capable of cutting up to 2.3m-deep trench at 4m minimum bend radius. The trencher will be fully instrumented to conduct post-lay burial survey.

Propulsion and performance

The vessel will be powered by two 2,880kW and two 4,320kW dual fuel engines (primarily utilising liquefied natural gas / LNG fuel).

The propulsion system will include two 3,400kW main azimuth thrusters, two 2,000kW retractable azimuth thrusters and two 1,200kW bow thrusters.

The propulsion system will enable the vessel to sail at a cruising speed of 13.4kt.