With a capacity of 13,800 twenty-foot-equivalent containers, the MSC Daniela is one of the largest container ships in the world.
The 165,000t MSC Daniela has a maximum speed of 25.2kts.
The ship has been built with with a separate deckhouse and engine room.

The MSC Daniela is one of the largest container ships in the world, with a capacity of 13,800 twenty-foot-equivalent (TEU) containers. The construction order of the ship was given in July 2006. It was built by Samsung Heavy Industries and delivered to Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) in 2008. MSC is the second-largest privately owned shipping company in the world and operates 405 vessels worldwide, with a capacity of 1,640,000 TEUs.

In January 2009 the ship was inaugurated in a ceremony by the chairperson of MSC Greece. On its maiden voyage, the ship, loaded with 13,800 containers, cruised from Asia to Europe.

The ship was built at the Geoje Shipyard in South Korea. Geoje is the first shipyard to receive OHSAS 18001 certification for safe and healthy working environment management standards, ISO 9001 certification for management quality and SO14001 certification for environmental management.

The Daniela was classed as the largest container ship ever built in terms of TEU by Germanischer Lloyd. The society aims to prevent marine pollution and protect life and safety at sea. The society was also responsible for the ship’s design approval and classification.


The overall length of the 165,000t ship is 366m. It has a beam of 51m and a draft of 15m. The hull is 29.9m high and the keel-to-mast height is 67.26m. The ship has been designed to cruise at a maximum speed of 25.2kts and can accommodate 30 crew members.

“The MSC Daniela is one of the largest container ships in the world.”

The Daniela has been designed with a separate deckhouse and engine room in order to achieve more container capacity and to cut down on ballast water. The deckhouse is situated in the ship’s bow.


The hull of the ship has been fitted with high tensile steel to reduce bending and increase stiffness.

Because the Daniela is a container ship, it was required to be constructed under international regulations on fuel tank protection. This was accomplished by constructing the fuel tank storage area below the deckhouse.

Close to the engine room there are seven cargo holds and one additional smaller cargo hold. For optimum cargo distribution, the ship has been constructed with 25 lashing bridges, the height of which is nearly the same as the height of two container tiers.


The ship is fitted with 12-cylinder MAN B&W engine with the total output power of 72.240KW. A six-bladed Mecklenburger propeller weighing 93.8t has been installed in front of a Becker-type rudder.

A MAN Diesel engine monitors the fuel-injection and exhaust. An electronically-controlled engine helps the ship to cut down fuel consumption and reduce smokestack emissions.