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Neptune Aegli –

The Neptune Aegli was built by Astillero Barreras in Spain as hull No. 1594. The fast vehicle ferry is owned by the Aegl

Length overall


Length BP


Moulded breadth


Depth to main deck



The Neptune Aegli was built by Astillero Barreras in Spain as hull No. 1594. The fast vehicle ferry is owned by the Aegli shipping company and operated by Neptune Shipping Agencies of Greece. It is designed to operate on the route between Spain and

The Neptune Aegli has an overall length of 158.5m and a length between perpendiculars of 145m. Its moulded breadth is 24.4m. The depth to the main deck is 8m and to the upper deck is 14.09m. It has a 6m design draft and a 6.5m scantling draft. The hull incorporates a double skin up to the hoistable car deck on level 4.


The cars and trucks are laid out on the vehicle decks in lane lengths of 1,500m for 3m-wide vehicles or 7,100m for 2m-wide vehicles. In total, it can carry 1,500 cars or 470 vehicles plus 87 trailers. The Neptune Aegli has five fixed vehicle decks and two hoistable vehicle decks (decks 4 and 6). There are no internal pillars, thus reducing the potential for damage to the vehicles.

The vehicle entry is at deck 3. Access is by means of a stern door/ramp which is capable of holding a load of two road trailers totalling 85t, a stern quarter door/ramp with a load of 45t, a hoistable interior ramp and a hinged ramp cover. There are also internal ramps for the two sets of hoistable car decks, one on the centre line serving the main and upper decks and the other between decks 6 and 7 which conform for watertight closure. These hydraulic ramps have been designed and manufactured by MacGregor. The Intering anti-heeling system assists with the cargo movement inside.


The Neptune Aegli is driven by a pair of Wartsila 8L46B engines, each with an output of 78,000kW at 500rpm. These are connected to nickel aluminium bronze propellers by means of two Reintjes SVA950 HK41 gearboxes with an output speed of 153rpm. The propellers are two Rolls-Royce Kamewa controllable pitch units with a diameter of 4,400mm and a speed of 153rpm. This gives the vehicle carrier a service speed of 19.5 knots. For manoeuvring in port, the Neptune Aegli also has a pair of Rolls-Royce Kamewa bowthrusters, each with an output of 1,000kW.

The car carrier consumes 56t of fuel per day for its main engines alone. Its bunkers contain 1,057m³ of heavy oil and 152m³ of diesel oil. There is also 2,370m³ of water ballast, including 289m³ in the heeling tanks.

There are also three thermal oil boilers provided by Alborg. These are the single 1,000kW oil fired boiler and two 900kW exhaust gas boilers.

Electric power is provided by a pair of Leroy Somer alternators. Each alternator has an output speed of 1,200kW at 1,800rpm.


The Neptune Aegli is manned by a complement of 25 crew. There are also facilities for 12 drivers. The Databridge 1028 bridge control system was provided by Kongsberg Maritime. The bridge also contains a Datachief 1028 computer system for ship automation. There are also a pair of Kongsberg Maritime Databridge 1028 radar units. The two satellite navigation systems are provided by Leica.

The hotel facilities on the Neptune Aegli include a Detegasa waste disposal system and a Facet sewage plant.

The Neptune Aegli is registered by Det Norske Veritas under the notation +1A! General Cargo Carrier, Ro/Ro, Car Carrier, MDEK, EO,ICE,1-C CLEAN.

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