OAV-SR1 is a new offshore assistance vessel. Image courtesy of HeavyLift@Sea GmbH.
The OAV-SR1 was launched in July 2015. Image courtesy of HeavyLift@Sea GmbH.
OAV-SR1 was developed by HeavyLift@Sea and SeaRenergy Offshore. Image courtesy of SeaRenergy Offshore Holding GmbH & Cie. KG.
The offshore assistance vessel measures 72m-long. Image courtesy of SeaRenergy Offshore Holding GmbH & Cie. KG.


The OAV (Offshore Assistance Vessel) SR1, a new offshore support ship developed jointly by HeavyLift@Sea and SeaRenergy Offshore, was unveiled in July 2015.

The new vessel class is intended to replace the company’s last generation vessels servicing the energy, and oil and gas industries.

SR1 OAV design and features

The vessel was designed by HeavyLift@Sea with inputs from offshore industry service provider SeaRenergy. The sophisticated design of the vessel integrates a cost-efficient propulsion system offering low-fuel consumption and maintenance.

"The sophisticated design of the vessel integrates a cost-efficient propulsion system offering low-fuel consumption and maintenance."

The hull form is designed to reduce roll and pitch motions in the harsh weather conditions of the North Sea. It will increase comfort for the crew and avoid the risk of sea sickness and weather downtime.

The superior sea-keeping capabilities of the vessel support extended wind farm operations and maintenance (O&M) deployments. The ship can station at offshore locations for a number of weeks, ensuring high-availability and less journey time.

The OAV has a length of 72m and can accommodate 60 crew and technicians. It complies with the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) passenger ship class regulations.

The optimal deck layout ensures a well-organised movement of people and spare parts across the vessel. The components are designed to offer redundancy against failures and arranged to achieve cost-efficiency during operations.

The gangway is accessible directly from the lift, allowing the technicians to reach wind turbines and offshore platforms in wave heights of up to 2.5m. It also ensures working conditions at water levels of +/- 4m around mean sea level (MSL).

Cargo handling and aboard offshore assistance vessel

The OAV is equipped with a cargo transfer system, which enables a barrier-free transfer of spare parts and components of up to 300kg without employing a crane.

Aker Wayfarer is an advanced multipurpose offshore construction vessel capable of undertaking subsea installation, floater installations, topside floatovers and removal operations.

The vessel incorporates a cargo hold for the storage of dry cargo and supplies. The onboard hatch covers can be operated using the onboard crane, which can independently load and offload the containers onboard. A designated area is available on the vessel for the stowage of all the containers. Direct access is provided from the cargo hold to the working area.

Launch and recovery of daughter craft

The vessel integrates a storage area for the daughter craft in a hangar. It ensures safe entry into the daughter craft and supports the launch and recovery operations of the daughter craft while the vessel is on the move.

The daughter craft will serve as a secondary access to the boat landing of offshore equipment and systems. The hangar is configured to support the accommodation of different types of daughter crafts. It enhances the safety during O&M missions, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Accommodation facilities on OAV SR1

The vessel offers comfortable single cabins to accommodate 60 personnel. The onboard accommodation facilities include two-day rooms, an auditorium and a gymnasium.