The Oosterdam cruise ship was built at Fincantieri's Marghera yard in Italy for Holland America line.
The Oosterdam has berths for up to 2,388 passengers in 924 cabins.
Passenger facilities on the Oosterdam include a public library.
The Explorer's Lounge is one of several dining areas.
The Pinnacle Grill on the Oosterdam.
The Oosterdam's atrium.

The Oosterdam was built at Fincantieri’s Marghera yard in Italy for the Holland America line. It has an overall length of 290m and a length between perpendiculars of 254m. Its moulded breadth is 32.25m and the moulded depth from the bulkhead is 10.8m. It has a design draught of 7.8m and a scantling draught of 8m. It registers a gross tonnage of 82,000t and has a design deadweight of 7,200dwt.

The Oosterdam has berths for up to 2,388 passengers in 924 cabins, of which 622 have balconies. These are supported by a ship’s complement of 812. The cabins range in size from around 16m² B class to 120m² for the penthouse. The ship is also equipped with 28 wheelchair-accessible staterooms.

There are ten decks in total, of which six are passenger decks. These are linked by ten passenger lifts. A highlight of the ship is its four exterior glass elevators, two ports and two starboards, which look out over the sea.

The main lobby is on the first floor of a three-storey atrium, topped by a Waterford crystal globe.

Public areas

The Oosterdam has a number of dining and public rooms. The two-level Vista dining room is located at the aft of the vessel and the ship also boasts the Odyssey Restaurant, the Explorer’s Lounge and the Windstar Cafe.

Most of the public rooms are located over decks two and three, including the Sports Bar with 11 table games and 130 machines. The Vista Lounge is the ship’s main showroom, although there is also the Queen’s Lounge cinema, the Ocean Bar and the Northern Lights nightclub for other entertainment. The Crow’s Nest is located atop the ship and there is an Internet Cafe with 18 stations.

There are two pools, one with a retractable dome and a promenade sports deck, as well as the Greenhouse Spa and a salon and gymnasium. A golf simulator is also available.

The housekeeping facilities include a waste disposal plant comprising two multi-chamber shredders compactors and presses.

Power system

The power system on the Oosterdam is a combined diesel/gas turbine electric power arrangement. It consists of five Wartsila diesel engines, two of 8,640kW output and three 11,520kW, both at 512rpm. These drive two 8,300kW and three 11,060kW synchronous alternators.

For the ship’s electrical requirements, there is also a General Electrics 14MW gas turbine which is linked to an asynchronous alternator, which gives a combined output of 11kV at 60Hz.

The Oosterdam has eight boilers. Six are exhaust gas types and the remaining two are oil-fired.

Propulsion and manoeuvring

The Oosterdam is driven by a pair of 360° Azipod propulsion units located on either side of a centreline skeg. These each consist of a 17.62MW synchronous freshwater-cooled motor with an output of up to160rpm. These Azipods give the Oosterdam a service speed of 22 knots. The vessel has a bunker capacity of 2,650m³ of heavy oil and 600m³ of diesel oil, which gives it a range of 18 days at 19.5 knots.

For roll stabilisation, there is a pair of active retractable fin stabilisers. Two tanks, located aft and forward, form the basis of the anti-heeling system. The vessel has a grey water ballast of 3,350m³.

For manoeuvring in port, the Oosterdam has three controllable pitch bow thrusters with an output of 1,900kW each. There are five electric mooring winches and two windlasses to assist with the mooring.

The Oosterdam is classified by Lloyds under the notation +1001, +LMC, UMS Passenger Ship, Unrestricted Service, UWS.