The Rem Etive is powered by Rolls Royce and Siemens propulsion systems.
The naming ceremony.
The Rem Etive in dry dock at the Kleven Yards.
The REM Maritime was originally designed as a rig supply vessel but has been modified to serve as a support vessel.
The REM Maritime ready for its first major contract in India.

In May 2007, REM Maritime launched the MT 6016 REM Etive. Named after a loch in the northwest of Scotland, the Etive was designed by Marin Teknikk and built at the Kleven Shipyard in Norway (build no 316).

In April 2007, the Rem Etive was delivered to the Aberdeen-based TS Marine, which is chartering the vessel from REM Offshore AS from December 2007 for a five-year period with two one-year extension options if required.

“The Rem Etive was originally designed as an oil rig supply ship but will serve as a support vessel in Mumbai, India.”

The Rem Etive was originally designed as an oil rig supply ship but will serve as a support vessel in Mumbai, India, as part of a $100m three-year contract with DeepOcean ASA. The vessel will support oil and gas development operations for Reliance Industries Limited in Block KG-DWN-98/3 in the Bay of Bengal’s Krishna Godavari Basin.

On its way to India, the vessel will undertake a 12-week contract in South Korea supporting geotechnical drilling and coring operations for the Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC).


The vessel is fully equipped to undertake diver-based and diverless subsea operations such as decommissioning and intervention, subsea tree changing, subsea construction support and wellhead work. The ship can work in over depths of 1,200m.

The Rem Etive has an overall length of 92.95m with a moulded breadth of 19.70m and a depth at the main deck of 7.70m. The maximum draft in the midships area is 6.30m and the depth of the shelterdeck is 10.45m. The vessel will be able to make 16kt and will have a gross registered tonnage of 3,920t. The dead weight at loaded capacity is 4,700 tonnes and the net tonnage is 1,200 tonnes.

“The vessel is fully equipped to undertake diver-based and diverless subsea operations.”

The vessel will be able to carry 1,530m³ of ballast water, 1310m³ of drill water, 990m³ of fresh water, 2,302m³ of fuel oil, 400m³ of dry bulk material, 860m³ of liquid mud, 495m³ of brine, 268m³ of methanol, 289m³ of glycol/base oil, 289m³ of base oil, 1,135m³ of ORO, 300m³ of slop and 39m³ of slopwash water.

The freshwater maker can produce 35m³ of water over a 24-hour period.

The cargo deck has dimensions of 58.16m x 16m, giving a total area of 1,050m². The vessel can accommodate 100 crew and contractors.


The Rem Etive’s main engines are four Caterpillar 3516 TAs rated at 1,901bkW. There are four ship generators with an output of 690V at 2,027kVA. The emergency generator is a Caterpillar 3408TA, rated at 370ekW.

The main propulsion thrusters are two Rolls Royce AZP 100s rated at 2,200kW, as are the main propulsion drives. The retractable thruster is a Rolls Royce UL 1201 with an output of 883kW and the tunnel thrusters are two Rolls Royce TT 2200 DPNs rated at 883 kW.


The ship is equipped with an SDP21dynamic positioning system from Kongsberg Maritime AS. The cargo pumps were supplied by Per Gjerdrum AS and the HVAC systems from York Novenco. The offshore crane was supplied by National Oilwell and is a 140t Hydralift AHC.

The 20.9m helideck was supplied by Marine Aluminium and is able to accept a Sikorsky 92 helicopter. TS Marine have provided two 150 HP 3,000m Quantum ROV systems and also a 300Te 2,000m active heave compensated deployment winch. The ship has also has additional fire fighting equipment.