RV Baía Farta is a new fishery and oceanographic research vessel being built by Damen Shipyards Group at Damen Shipyards Galati, for the Angolan Ministry of Fisheries.

The new research vessel can perform resource monitoring, oceanographic and environmental surveys, ecosystem investigations, bottom habitat mapping, pelagic and demersal trawling, conductivity / temperature / depth (CTD) water sampling, single and multi-beam echosounder surveys, integrated data logging, oil recovery, and emergency towage.

Norwegian naval architect, Skipsteknisk, received a contract from the Government of Angola to design a new fishery and oceanographic research vessel for the Angolan Ministry of Fisheries, in June 2016.

The Angolan Ministry of Fisheries placed an order with Damen Shipyards Group for the construction of a new 74m-long fishery and oceanographic research vessel, in July 2016. Delivery of the same is scheduled for July 2018. The new vessel will enable the nation to grow and save its fishing economy.

Kongsberg Maritime was awarded a contract by Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) to deliver an integrated technology solution for the vessel in October 2016.

Design of the Angolan research vessel

The RV Baía Farta will be based on the ST-368 design developed by Norwegian naval architect, Skipsteknisk. It will be a DNV GL-class ship with Silent A / F / R notations. Special emphasis is being laid during the construction to reduce on-board and underwater noise, while the machinery components will be resiliently mounted to minimise noise and vibrations to meet the ICES 209 underwater radiated noise standards.

The vessel will also integrate a Kongsberg K-Bridge integrated bridge system (IBS) and K-Pos dynamic positioning system, ensuring superior manoeuvring and positioning for optimal performance of the scientific sensors. The IBS will comply with International Maritime Organization (IMO) and classification societies’ regulations.

The research vessel will have an overall length of 74.1m, a moulded breadth of 16.4m, a maximum depth of 8.7m, design draft of 5.8m and gross tonnage of 3,209t. It can complement 29 crew members and 22 scientists, and sail at a survey speed of 11kt and trial speed of 14.5kt. The service speed of the vessel will be 13kt.

"The bathymetric module integrated within the ME70 will allow the operators to conduct seabed mapping."

Scientific equipment and system aboard RV Baía Farta

The scientific equipment aboard the vessel will include a Simrad EK80 scientific split beam echo sounder, a Simrad ME70 scientific multi-beam system, Simrad MS70 Scientific multi-beam 4D sonar, Simrad SU90 omni-directional sonar, and Simrad PI and FX80 trawl monitoring system.

The bathymetric module integrated within the ME70 will allow the operators to conduct seabed mapping.

The vessel will also be equipped with Kongsberg EM 122 multi-beam echo sounders and GeoPulse Plus digital sub-bottom profilers.

The on-board Kongsberg K-Sync 16-channel acoustic synchronisation unit will sync the subsea suite, while avoiding interference between the subsea systems during concurrent multiple operations.

The research vessel will also integrate a Kongsberg Seapath 330+ GNSS dual frequency receiver to provide accurate position, attitude and timing information for surveyors. It will include an advanced MRU-5+ motion reference unit and a Kongsberg HiPAP 502 acoustic positioning system (APS).