Stockholm Norvik freight port is being developed for rolling goods and containers. Credit: Ports of Stockholm.
Stockholm Norvik port will become operational in May 2020. Credit: Ports of Stockholm.
Stockholm Norvik port will have an annual handling capacity of 500,000 containers and 200,000 rolling goods vehicles. Credit: Ports of Stockholm.
Stockholm Norvik will also have direct connections with the motorway and a railway line. Credit: Ports of Stockholm.

Stockholm Norvik Port is a deep-sea freight port being developed by Ports of Stockholm in Frihamnen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Featuring both a container terminal and a roll-on / roll-off (RoRo) terminal, the port will handle rolling cargo and containers. It will replace the existing container terminal in Frihamnen.

Construction of the project commenced in September 2016. The container terminal will become operational in May 2020 while the RoRo terminal will be opened in September 2020.

Hutchison Ports will run the new container terminal under an agreement signed with Ports of Stockholm in March 2017, as well as operating the RoRo terminal.

Capable of accommodating large oceangoing vessels, the new port will facilitate efficient and sustainable cargo movement of goods to the Stockholm region.

Stockholm Norvik Port location

Stockholm Norvik Port will be built over 44ha area in Norvikudden, approximately 60km south of Stockholm. It is expected to become one of the deepest seaports in the Baltics Sea once operational.

It will offer new connections to major roads and railways.

Stockholm Norvik Port details

Featuring modern technology and equipment, Stockholm Norvik Port will address the needs of modern ships, featuring deeper draughts, longer quays, and large terminal areas.

It will have seven quay berths to support container and RoRo traffic. A 1.4km-long quay wall with stern door ramps will be built at the port. The water depths of the quays will range between 10.5m and 16.5m.

Details of the container and RoRo terminals at the Stockholm Norvik Port

Stockholm Norvik Port’s container terminal will be built over 32ha. Equipped with eight straddle carriers and 22 wide crane units, the container terminal will have the capacity to handle more than 500,000 containers a year.

The RoRo terminal will cover 12ha with a 525m-long quay wall and 42 trailer parking lots. The annual handling capacity of the terminal is 200,000 rolling goods vehicles.

“Capable of accommodating large oceangoing vessels, the new port will facilitate efficient and sustainable cargo movement of goods to the Stockholm region.”

The terminal will be installed with an intelligent transport system (ITS) and 4,000kvm warehouse cross docking facilities.

Both terminals will provide supporting services such as storage, LNG, electricity connection, foodstuff control by the Swedish National Food Administration, and cross docking heavy lift service.

Construction details

The final large rocky knoll was blasted in April 2019 and the 450m container quay wall was completed in May 2019. The installation of quay crane tracks, bollard guardrails, barriers, and fenders is underway.

Construction of the customs inspection building is completed, which is one of five buildings at the port.

A new railway track will be laid to establish connection between Norvik Port and the main railway line between Stockholm and Nynäshamn. Construction of the new freight port reached the halfway mark in May 2018.

Contractors involved

Ports of Stockholm awarded a €60m ($69.2m) contract to Royal Boskalis Westminster (Boskalis) in July 2017 for the construction of a quay wall at the new port.

Boskalis sub-contracted Hendriks precon to perform formwork for quayside walls. SSAB supplied RD piles and RD pile wall for the construction of the quays.

Hercules Trevi Foundations was contracted to carry out soil improvement works for the new container terminal. JM Construction received a Skr360m ($43.7m) contract in March 2018 for site and engineering works at the container terminal.

ACO Nordic supplied light-oil separator Oleosmart and Qmax retention channels for the project.

NCC was awarded a Skr500m ($59.07m) contract in September 2016 to conduct earth and groundworks for the new port. ShibataFenderTeam provided cone fenders for the new Stockholm Norvik Port.

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