The Tembek is powered by diesel engines and not by LNG boil-off gas.
The Tembek was christened in September 2007.
The Tembek will sail between Qatar and the UK.
The Tembek is part of a new generation of LNG mega-ships.

The Tembek will be the latest LNG carrier to join the fleet servicing the Qatar Gas II project in the Middle East. With Qatar Gas gaining more supply contracts, the importance of efficient delivery has now meant that the servicing fleet must be even larger.

The Tembek is one of 14 ships built in Korea to tend Trains 4 and 5 of the Qatar Gas II LNG facility.

The ship is also the fourth of a 45 ship-fleet that will be delivered to Qatar over the next five years. The new fleet will be of the new Q-Flex and Q-Max classes.

The Tembek is owned through a joint venture between Qatar Gas Transport Company and OSG Gas, from which Qatargas has chartered the vessel. The vessel was constructed in Korea by Samsung Heavy Industries at its shipyard in Geoje Island. The ship was christened on 13 September 2007 by Naomi Campbell in the presence of Ahmed Al Khulaifi, Qatar Gas Chief Operating Officer. The Tembek will sail between the Middle East and the UK.

The LNG carrier arrived at Milford Haven on 20 March 2009 to discharge first cargo of super-cooled gas. It remained berthed for ten days. Tembek is the first LNG carrier to arrive at the UK’s South Hook, Europe’s largest LNG terminal.

New vessels

“The saving of gas and fuel economy may add up to as much as $5m per year.”

The Q-Flex and Q-Max gas carriers are part of a new generation of LNG mega-ships, which have about 40% lower energy requirements than conventional vessels. In addition, these ships do not use boil-off gas to fuel their propulsion systems. Instead, diesel electric propulsion can be used as the ships are also equipped with their own liquefaction plants to return boil-off gas
to the hold. The saving of gas and fuel economy may add up to as much as $5m per year.


The ship is registered in Mjuro in the Marshall Islands and her notation is 1A1 Tanker for Liquefied Gas OPP-F E0 F-AMC NAUT-OC HMON(1) COAT-2 CSA-2 PLUS-2 BIS TMON NAUTICUS (Newbuilding). The ship manager is Bernard Schulte Ship Management (Isle of Man) Limited.

The overall length of the vessel is 315.17m, the P-P length is 303m, the breadth of the ship is 50.05m, the draught is 12m and the depth is 27m. Its gross registered tonnage is 136,410t with a deadweight of 106,897t.

Technical systems

The auxiliary boilers EB150120 and MB0106DS08 were designed and manufactured by Kangrim. The emergency diesel generator power unit (KTA38-D(M)) was produced by Cummins Inc.

The five main generator engines (7L32/40) were of MAN Diesel SE manufacture.

The two main propulsion engines are diesel (6S70ME-C) and were supplied by MAN B&W.

The two propellers are mono-block and were supplied by MMG (Mecklenburger Metallguss).

LNG gas

The Tembek has diesel engines and a full-scale reliquefaction plant so that ordinary fuel oil can be used for propulsion, while the boil-off gas is reliquefied and fed back into the cargo tanks. No part of the LNG cargo is consumed during the voyage. The cargo hold has a capacity of around 216,000m³.