The Ulupinar Series tugboats are principally designed for Turkey-based Sanmar by Robert Allan (RAL). Sanmar builds and operates tugboats. The Ulupinar class boats are constructed at Sanmar's shipbuilding facility located at Tuzla in Turkey.

Sanmar signed the design contract with RAL for the Ulupinar Series in 2006. Sanmar delivered the tugboats to companies based in Germany and the Dominican Republic. These tugs are capable of undertaking the tasks performed by larger vessels. They also demonstrate sea-keeping capabilities.

Ulupinar design and features

The tugboat design incorporates monohull. The outer structure of the boat is built with steel. The hull form was designed to optimise the power and performance of the boat. These boats are compact azimuth stern drive (ASD) tugs. In an ASD tug, the thrusters that can move horizontally creating thrust in any direction, are placed beneath the stern.

The Ulupinar boats are fitted with fire-fighting equipment and winches on the forward and aft sides. Primarily designed as harbour ship assist vessels, Ulupinar Series tugboats can also undertake long delivery trips.

The compact overall dimensions of the boat provide adequate space for crew accommodation. The noise and vibration levels have been reduced to increase crew comfort. The boat is classified by Italian classification society RINA.

The Ulupinar tugboat has an overall length of 24.39m, a breadth of 9.15m and a draught of 4m. The bollard pull of the tugboat is 45t. The boat can sail at a maximum speed of 12kt.

Tugboat equipment and systems

“The life saving equipment includes a liferaft, eight life jackets, eight life buoys and pyrotechnics.”

The Ulupinar Series tugboats are equipped with towing and fire fighting equipment. The rope drum type bow towing winch has a capacity of 100t and load pulling speed of 15m per minute. The towing rope has a length of 135m with a diameter of 40mm.

A single drum type bow towing winch has a 100t brake holding load capacity. It has a 650m steel wire with a diameter of 40mm.

The tugboat is also fitted with data hydraulic eight-inch towing pins, and disk type tow hook with a safe work load capacity of 45t and a test load capacity of 90t.

Fire fighting equipment includes a Skum monitor and water spray nozzles. The monitor is mounted on the top and nozzles are fitted around the tug for self protection. The ship is equipped with an axially split centrifugal pump, which has a delivery rate of 650m³/h.

The tugboat is equipped with a range of communication and radar systems including two VHF DSC RT 5022 sets, a radar transponder, ICS Navtex receiver, a Simrad global positioning system (GPS) and chart sounder, inter communication device of Vingtor Marine, a radar and GPS heading device developed by Simrad. The Sailor Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) is also available in the boat.

The life saving equipment includes a liferaft, eight life jackets, eight life buoys and pyrotechnics. The liferaft can accommodate up to ten people.


“The boat is fitted with Rolls Royce US 155 fixed pitch ASD propellers.”

The Ulupinar tugboats are powered by two CAT 3512TA diesel engines providing a total power output of 3,300bhp at 1,800rpm.

The boat is fitted with Rolls Royce US 155 fixed pitch ASD propellers. The electrical power is provided by two Perkins 4TGM generator sets. Each can generate an output of 74kVA.

The boat is also equipped with spark arrestor exhaust silencers. The propulsion system was designed to increase the manoeuvrability and safety of the tugboat. The system increases the efficiency and reduces the noise and vibrations.


The Ulupinar Series of tugboats have two officer cabins and two crew cabins. The officer cabins can accommodate two personnel. Seven crew members can be accommodated in the crew cabins. Boat accommodation was designed to enhance the comfort of the crew members. Other accommodation facilities include a mess, galley, stores, toilets and a bathroom with shower.