Villa Vie Odyssey is a residential cruise ship owned by Villa Vie Residences. Credit: Villa Vie Residences/PRNewswire.
The Villa Vie Odyssey includes eight decks and features a flat hull design. Credit: Villa Vie Residences/PRNewswire.
Villa Vie Odyssey will feature a business centre, enabling passengers to work remotely. Credit: Villa Vie Residences/PRNewswire.
Villa Vie Odyssey will feature four lounges. Credit: Villa Vie Residences/PRNewswire.
The ship will embark on its maiden voyage in May 2024. Credit: Villa Vie Residences/PRNewswire.

Villa Vie Odyssey is a residential cruise ship operated by Villa Vie Residences, a residential cruise ship company based in the US.

The ship was formerly known as The Braemar and operated by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines (Fred. Olsen). Launched in 1993, she has undergone refurbishment in 2009 and a renovation in 2019.

Villa Vie Residences acquired the ship from Fred. Olsen in December 2023 and took delivery in March 2024.

Villa Vie Odyssey is currently undergoing renovation in Belfast to transform into a residential cruise ship equipped with villas as residences.

The ship is scheduled to depart from Southampton, UK, embarking on her maiden journey in May 2024.

Villa Vie Odyssey design and features

The Villa Vie Odyssey boasts eight decks, featuring cascading aft decks and a wrap-around promenade. The ship has a capacity for 924 passengers and a gross tonnage of 24,344t.

Its flatter hull design allows her to navigate inland waterways and rivers and explore remote destinations unreachable by larger vessels.

Planned enhancements include the creation of an advanced business centre, redevelopment of the pool deck, the addition of a pickleball court, an observation deck, a culinary centre, and full refurbishments of all 480 staterooms.

The ship will be part of Villa Vie Residences’ residential ownership programme travelling across the globe every 3.5 years and visiting more than 420 ports in 147 countries across all seven continents.

The programme provides passengers with the option to either rent or own a cabin at sea at costs comparable to owning a traditional condominium. The cabins are fully equipped with well-designed floating units.

Travellers who are unable to dedicate themselves to the entire world cruise programme can also choose to purchase segments of the cruise ranging between 35 and 120 days.

The onboard experience boasts the comforts of home, coupled with amenities that meet the expectations of even the most discerning travellers.

Accommodation details aboard the Villa Vie Odyssey

Accommodation options will be available in three villa categories: Inside Villa, Oceanview Villa, and Balcony Villa.

The Inside Villa offers a contemporary retreat with immersive virtual window views, seamlessly combining luxury with the comfort of home.

The Oceanview Villa provides residents with ocean vistas to enjoy at any time, while the Balcony Villa offers a combination of luxury and privacy with stunning views.

All villas will be equipped with furnished rooms, en-suite bathrooms, extensive storage options for long-term sea living, a safe, 24/7 service, workspace, internet, TV, climate control, a mini-fridge, medical support, and weekly housekeeping and laundry services.

Villa Vie Odyssey’s entertainment facilities

The onboard theatre will host a variety of entertainment, including movies and live performances. A range of classes from cardio to yoga will be available to residents, either on-demand or through community-organised sessions.

The ship will also include an interactive and educational culinary centre, which offers a culinary programme featuring cooking workshops and classes led by local chefs and the ship’s chef. The cooking classes provide residents with the chance to learn new culinary skills and gain insights into regional cuisines.

A state-of-the-art golf programme, including an onboard golf simulator and events led by a Master PGA Professional is also available.

Additional facilities include an onboard pet spa and resort, and sustainable enrichment programmes.

An expanded swimming pool with four Jacuzzis, a spa and fitness centre, and a well-stocked library are also part of the ship.

Dining facilities and amenities

Villa Vie Odyssey will include three restaurants, eight bars, and four lounges.

Residents may also organise private meals or events onboard, with staff assistance for both intimate dinners and larger gatherings.

The cruise ship will feature a large, central business centre, enabling passengers to work effectively at sea with private offices and meeting rooms. Fast and reliable internet connectivity will be provided by global satellite internet companies Starlink and Viasat 3.