Fuel cells require a constant supply of clean air to function properly. Air compressors/blowers are used to force air into the fuel cell stack, where the cell uses oxygen from the air to enable the reaction in the cathode. This means that there are special requirements for fuel cells in terms of air supply. To ensure long life and high performance, the intake air must be effectively cleaned of particles in the outside air.

In addition, pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), ammonia (NH3) and sulphur oxide (SO2) can cause unwanted deposits in the fuel cell and damage it. To protect the fuel cell, these and other harmful gases must be trapped. Hengst’s cathode air filter systems achieve this with a multistage filter structure and use a specifically formulated carbon layer.

Maintaining fuel cell performance

For stationary systems in the industrial sector, especially those operating in adverse environments, the requirements for filter systems are extremely stringent. Choosing which filtration system to trust can be difficult given the wide variety of requirements for different applications, climates, and exposure to other environmental challenges. Filtration expert Hengst Filtration ensures high performance by providing adaptable solutions that suit each customer.

“Fuel cells are installed in most areas of the world. You could use it on a ship, in an industrial area, or any environment where they face different kinds of toxin and particles,” explains Hengst’s Mark Grochowski.

“We adapt our systems to whatever environment you are in and make sure that the fuel cell is best protected against the possible damage. That is how our system is set up, to face whatever risk you might face depending on wherever you are in the world.”

In the whitepaper below, Hengst Filtration explains how its cathode air filtration systems work, including why design decisions were made regarding its materials and how they ensure high performance. Download now to find out more about the importance of filter materials selection, how the filter offers superior performance, and how Hengst Filtration can meet your air filtration needs.