MAN Diesel & Turbo has completed test bed trials of its first super-long-stroke, 90cm bore Mk 9 engine at Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine & Machinery Division in South Korea.

The new S90ME-C9.2 super-long-stroke engine features lower propeller speeds and will deliver a torque of 8.5 million Nm at 84rpm with a total output of 69,720 kW.

MAN Diesel’s new engine will cater to container shipping demand for smaller bore, super-long-stroke engines with lower propeller speeds.

Built by two-stroke engine builder Hyundai Heavy Industries, the engine will be equipped on a container vessel being built at Samsung Heavy Industries for Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL).

MAN Diesel said that with ship owners looking to reduce operating costs through measures like low-load optimisation of engines, slow steaming and operation with turbocharger cut-out, the new engine will offer propulsion efficiency by cutting propeller speeds.

The company said that its new S90ME-C9.2 engine also meets the requirements of the newly introduced Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI).

The engine has been developed specifically for container ships and is based on the VLCC-optimised S90ME-C8, which has also been used in container ships.

The S90ME-C9.2 engine is delivered with three different maximum continuous rating (MCR) optimisations, including high-rated MCR with part load optimisation, de-rated MCR optimisation with part-load tuning and de-rated MCR optimisation with low-load tuning.

The company said that the rebuilding and parameter set-up changes necessary for switching between de-rated MCR optimisation with part-load tuning and de-rated MCR optimisation with low-load tuning, which ensures optimum operation conditions for relevant trade patterns, are minimal.

Image: The S90ME-C9.2 engine developed by MAN Diesel & Turbo is based on the VLCC-optimised S90ME-C8. Photo: MAN Diesel & Turbo