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Green team: the ports leading shipping’s sustainability drive

Ports have a vital role to play in the shipping industry’s broader drive towards decarbonisation and environmental stewardship. We profile five ports going further than most in building sustainability into their operations.

Shipping’s role in Covid-19 vaccine logistics: key questions answered

As more Covid-19 vaccines clear regulatory approval, an immense logistical effort to deliver them is underway. How is the shipping industry preparing to support the global rollout of billions of vaccine doses, and what are the limits of the maritime supply chain for strictly temperature-controlled cargoes?

Damen and Echandia partner to scale up electric shipping

Echandia Marine and Damen Shipyards are collaborating on a new generation of full-size, all-electric tugboats. Echandia CEO Magnus Eriksson discusses the project, the requirements for heavy-duty marine battery systems, and the broader picture on electrification in shipping.

EU carbon market: plan to include shipping emissions rattles industry

The EU has rattled the shipping industry by adopting new legislation to include the sector in its Emissions Trading System. What is the European Parliament trying to achieve with this move, and does its reach exceed its grasp in this case?

Sanctions evasion: clamping down on deceptive shipping practices

The US Coast Guard has issued a new guidance document on common deceptive shipping practices among those looking to evade international sanctions. What are the recommendations for the industry, and what do they reveal about the future of sanctions enforcement at sea?

Port state control: targeted flag lists explained

India, Cyprus and Turkey were removed from the US Coast Guard’s Targeted Flag List in 2019, recognising their consistent performance on maritime safety and security at foreign ports. How does the global port state control system work, and how can vessels and flag states be added to (or removed from) lists that target them for more frequent inspections?

Nanotechnology: four key applications in shipping

Nanotechnology, by its nature, is easy to miss, but innovations at the nano-scale are already having an impact on global shipping. From antiviral coatings against Covid-19 to advances in shipbuilding and clean fuels, what does the nano-world have to offer the commercial shipping industry?

Human traffic: tackling people-smuggling at ports

The tragic deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants, discovered in the back of a lorry in Essex, has once again highlighted the misery caused by human trafficking through ports. How can authorities improve port security to tackle people smuggling and prevent more unnecessary deaths?

Head to head: New cruise ships to watch in 2020

Cruise is gearing up for another year of exciting new ships complete with exciting new interior concepts, cleaner fuel propulsion methods, and technologies to improve the passenger experience. But which new builds setting sail on their first journey in 2020 will make the biggest splash in the industry? Future Cruise’s writers give their picks for the ships they are most excited for this year.

Sickness at sea: responding to onboard outbreaks in the cruise sector

Outbreaks of acute gastroenteritis are rare but traumatic events for the cruise industry, with the potential for itineraries to be shortened and hundreds of passengers to be infected on the same ship. How is the industry dealing with the ever-present challenge presented by stomach bugs such as norovirus?