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Keeping the Mississippi River Channel clear

The Big River Coalition has been highlighting the importance of dredging in the Mississippi River Channel so it is deep enough to support the larger ships that navigate the waterways today. In this video feature, we look into the dredging efforts along the Mississippi River and their importance for the US shipping sector, as well as the regeneration of coastal areas.

Ship Technology Global Issue 63: Bringing space tech to the seas

In this issue: three key solutions for decarbonizing shipping, the potential for fuel cells in propulsion, cleaning up ports around the world, and more.

Future Cruise: Tensions rise in the Bahamas over Disney’s new port

Tensions rise in the Bahamas over Disney’s new port proposal, adult-only cruises gain in popularity, liners land in hot waters over gratuities, and more in our latest issue of Future Cruise.

Read about the logistical effort behind UK’s Antarctic research hub in the latest Ship Technology Global

In this issue: the threat of Brexit to UK seafarers, shipping a new wharf to the Antarctic, the dangers of liquefied cargoes, the future of London’s Thames Clipper, and more.

Future Cruise: Issue 6

In this issue: the world’s longest cruises, Michelin-starred cuisine at sea, Cuba’s success story, the return of Independence of the Sea, and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 61

In this issue: handling shipping waste, the battle with drug use at sea, face-to-face with the Shipbreaking Platform, and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 60

In this issue: the relevance of the Jones Act, optimising vessel performance, auto-berthing technology, the importance of sounding, and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 59

In this issue: tackling fires on board container ships, the adoption of biofuels, Indian cabotage, the story behind Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port, cybersecurity in shipping and more.

The state of affairs: is shipping still unprepared for cyberattacks?

Recently, a team of breakers at ethical hacking firm Pen Test Partners proved there are several ways to break into a ship’s navigation system and potentially cause a major incident. So, after all the warnings, where does shipping currently stand on cybersecurity?

The story of Hambantota Port: a flunking token of political corruption

Over the course of seven years, Sri Lanka’s Port of Hambantota went from a bastion of hope for one of the country’s poorest districts to a dead weight that sunk its finances and turned the developing economy into China’s debtor.