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Swedish innovators I-Tech AB introduce medetomidine Selektope

I-Tech AB demonstrate the importance of marine anti-fouling coatings in the ship industry’s decarbonisation journey.

What trends do maritime industry experts predict for 2023?

Collaboration and optimism are expected to set the tone for the shipping industry in 2023.

AI-powered CCTV platform to safeguard operations

ShipIn Systems’ AI-powered CCTV platform aims to improve fleet visibility, safety, efficiency and profitability as well as enhance productivity.

Price cap allows UK and European operators to send Russian oil to third countries

The price cap was set at a maximum price of $60 per barrel for Russian seaborne crude oil and took effect from 5 December.

China continues to gain significant shares in global ports

Cosco Shipping Ports Limited (CSPL) is a leading ports operator which aims to build a global terminal network with controlling stake.

Port optimisation through trade and technology

Efforts are being made to establish digitalisation in port operations, significant progress has been made in the Saudi region.

Signol partners with Clarksons for carbon platform to reduce emissions

The data is used to analyse ship operations, resulting in improved practices which can reduce emissions.

Sea safety and the Stad Ship Tunnel project

The project will improve sea safety as well as improve travel experiences around the Stadland.

Decommissioned carrier stuck in limbo after Turkey bans vessel

There are concerns over the toxic components of the Brazilian aircraft carrier Nae São Paulo with regards to asbestos.

UK Government five-year maritime strategy plans to reduce environmental damage

The five-year strategy will enhance maritime technology, innovation and security while taking the environment into consideration.