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Respirators used in the offshore, oil and gas industry  

It’s no surprise the offshore industry is dangerous and work-related hazards are common for workers on the rig. Personal protection equipment such as respirators help to protect against particles, gases and vapors.

Offshore Oil Rig Safety Equipment

Offshore platforms and oil rigs pose numerous potential risks, with workers engaged in many industrial processes that require specialized heavy machinery.

Offshore Gas Detection Equipment  

Offshore gas detection is essential in helping the oil companies to identify problems early in order to find and repair issues quickly, significantly reducing the risk of leaks that could lead to a major accident or hazard.

Offshore fire safety systems

The hazards of being on an oil rig every day are very real. There is a chance that fires can occur and it is essential to reduce the breakout of the blaze. With the proper fire suppression systems in place it will help to keep the workplace safer, savings lives and minimizing damage done to the machinery in the process.

Industrial Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is important in the workplace environment as it gives worked the extra protection against health and safety accidents. It is a legal requirement for companies to provide thier employees with the appropriate equipment.