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Q&A: Lloyd’s Register on how ammonia can be the ideal renewable marine fuel

Lloyd’s Register has partnered with a consortium of companies to develop an ammonia-fuelled tanker. Lloyd’s Register’s Paul Carrett explains more about the project and discusses whether using ammonia can revolutionise the maritime industry as an alternative fuel.

How two major shipping canals are mitigating climate change

Upon realising the harmful effects of climate change, canals across the globe are increasingly implementing initiatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Here is a look at what the world’s two most famous canals are doing to boost sustainability.

Video: Can the X-BOW hull end seasickness on cruise ships?

Norwegian shipbuilding company Ulstein recently unveiled its X-BOW hull design to make navigation through rough waters smoother for passengers and cut emissions. Varsha Saraogi looks at how the technology works.

Setting sail: the rise of Australia’s domestic cruise industry

Cruise operators are increasingly offering bite-sized breaks along the coast of Australia for domestic travellers keen to explore the island continent. Varsha Saraogi takes a look at this growing market and how cruise lines can capitalise on it.

Q&A: Will cloud technology revolutionise ship management?

The impact of technology on the shipping industry will grow in the coming years as companies increasingly introduce cloud-based software and apps in their businesses, says cloud software provider Hanseaticsoft’s managing director Alexander Buchmann.

Decarbonising the maritime industry will cost $1tn, study says

The shipping industry will need to invest at least $1tn in land-based and ship-related infrastructure in order to meet the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, a new study revealed today.

Robosys Automation launches AI software to boost automation in shipping

British firm Robosys Automation Limited has launched the latest version of Voyager 100, an artificial intelligence software that could allow bridge watchkeepers to control ships and improve safety, at Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) Wageningen.

Debunking: the problem of ships using open-loop scrubbers

Uncertainty around the sustainability of open-loop scrubbers continues to escalate in the shipping industry ahead of the implementation of the IMO’s sulphur cap in 2020. Varsha Saraogi investigates whether shipowners should be using them.

New study finds laser technology can enhance underwater object detection

A group of scientists working under Interreg Atlantic Area KETmaritime Project has discovered a so-called “blue-light” laser that could radically transform underwater range-finding, imaging and communication within the maritime industry.

Biofuels an “attractive option” to achieve decarbonisation in shipping, says SSI

Biofuels will have a significant role to play in accelerating the decarbonisation process for the maritime sector, a new report from Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) revealed today.