Ship owners and operators look for shipyards with experience in all aspects of ship conversion, including lengthening, refurbishment and reactivation, and companies with the ability to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for different vessel types.

Experienced shipbuilders offer end-to-end shipbuilding, testing, certification and delivery services for new vessels, complemented by hands-on training and technical and warranty support.

Finding shipbuilding, conversion, repair and MRO service providers

Based on its intel, insights and decades of experience in the sector, Ship Technology has listed shipbuilding, conversion, repair and MRO service providers who offer ship design, construction, outfitting and refitting, as well as maintenance, ship repair and overhaul services.

The document is useful for shipowners, marine engineers, marine mechanics, technicians, procurement officers and other individuals involved in shipbuilding, conversion and MRO operations.

The download contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers and their product offerings, alongside their contact details.

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Shipbuilding, conversion and MRO equipment and services

Shipbuilding, conversion, repair and MRO equipment and services include:

  • Construction, outfitting, and refitting of ships, oil platforms and offshore installations
  • Ship repair, design and engineering
  • High-pressure hydraulic and mechanical ship-building equipment
  • Maritime overhaul, inspection, maintenance, consulting and project management
  • Software for optimising vessel weight in shipbuilding
  • Marine engineering and construction services
  • Real-time quality and technical services
  • Vessel manufacturing and repair for military, emergency and commercial marine operations

Ship repair and maintenance

Regular maintenance helps to avoid breakdowns and failures of ships while timely repair ensures that the vessel gets back into service as soon as possible to avoid further damage and costs.

Evaluation, design and installation of appropriate solutions during the repair and maintenance process minimise operational interruptions, as well as address current and future international maritime regulations within the shipping industry.