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Marine Winches for Cranes and Davits

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Davinci is a manufacturer of high–quality marine winches, with its Bryne winch being a well–known and appreciated winch around the globe. Thousands of the 1t–12t standard range winches are performing satisfactorily in cranes, davits and other fit–for–purpose equipment worldwide.

Based on cast–iron rigid drum and frames and a choice of high–quality materials, the products have gained an excellent reputation throughout the industry for outstanding reliability, performance and long life.

Electric, hydraulic and hydro–electric custom umbilical winches

Since 2004 we have successfully expanded into new markets requiring professionally tailored hydraulic and electrical umbilical winch systems. For seismic and other offshore and subsea activities we have delivered large systems with state–of–the–art CTUW and AHUW.

During the last few years we have successfully delivered several electric, hydraulic and hydro–electric tailored special umbilical winches for seismic and other offshore activities.

Davinci is a manufacturer of high-quality marine winches for cranes, davits and other fit-for-purpose equipment.
Our standard winches have lift capacities between 1t and 12t.
Davinci has designed and manufactured larger umbilical winch systems.
We have successfully delivered several electrical and hydraulic tailored umbilical winches.
Davinci also provides cable spooling units.

Design and production of multipurpose cargo–handling winches

The traditional core business of Davinci is design and production of high–quality winches. Since 1989 our range of winches has been based on the well–known Bryne winch.

Decades of experience have confirmed that our rigid cast–iron structures provide excellent corrosion protection in marine and other humid environments. A choice of high–quality materials and paint systems ensures reliable and safe operations.

Daily use under maritime conditions for more than 10–15 years is not unusual. The winches are designed with planet gear and hydraulic–operated lamel brake included in the drum. Generally they appear compact and neat.

Our standard winches have lift capacities between 1t and 12t. Several configurations can be provided fit-for-purpose to existing or new applications, or even built as a davit winch with split drum for release rope.

Special wire winches

Since 2000 we have supplied a steadily growing market of fit-for-purpose wire winches. The wide range of customer operations has brought many new requirements, meaning our design team is familiar with most demands and ready to provide technical solutions to customer satisfaction.

Large umbilical winch systems

We have considerable experience as a designer and manufacturer of a wide range of larger umbilical winch systems. We have successfully delivered several electrical and hydraulic tailored umbilical winches for seismic and other offshore activities.

Electric–powered subsea umbilical winches

Davinci supplies electric–powered umbilical winch units for the subsea market. Through the development of these winch systems it has fulfilled the environmental, HSE and operational demands of modern oil and gas / maritime clients.

EExde converter units and motors

Our electric power systems include a branch of certified ATEX EExde converter units, from 22kW–106kW, at 440VAC and 60Hz. The units can be linked together in up to eight lines, for full synchronous load sharing on a rigid ring and pinion drive arrangement.

Combined with EExde motors, we offer a power concept applicable to any hazardous atmospheric environment without any need of motor temperature field tests.

Electric–powered winch unitcontrols

Several options exist for controlling electric powered winch units, including a local control panel, radio remote control, or a ‘pilot chair’ (typically seen in a driller’s shack or an ROV control environment).

Brake and safety systems for winches

Brake systems are designed to meet DNV regulations for lift appliance, section five. A combination of dynamic electric brake for normal operation, and a mechanical system for emergency operation, ensures compliance with the standards.

In order to verify the status of the brakes, an electronic safety monitoring device is implemented into the brake line. If desired, all alarms, trend curves, etc., can be kept in a register within the control system for documentation of the winch performance.

Cable spooling units

Our cable spooling units can have electric, hydraulic, or air–hydraulic drive systems. They are controlled by touch screen panels, hydraulic remote control or electric remote control.

Winch maintenance and technical assistance

Davinci is available for routine maintenance of winches and other relevant tasks. Units can be serviced in–house at our base or we can come to your location for in–situ requirements.

Winch spare parts

We always stock reasonable quantities of all parts needed for routine maintenance of our products.

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