Graco is pleased to release new equipment designed to spray coatings for passive fire protection (PFP). Epoxy intumescent coatings are designed to protect steel from critical temperatures when exposed to hydrocarbon and cellulosic fires.

Critical applications require technology that delivers quality results and ratio assurance for applicators, clients, and material suppliers. The Graco XM™ PFP Plural-Component Sprayer is engineered to boost productivity and improve performance where coating failures are not an option.

XM PFP features and benefits:

  • Live ratio assurance – reduces costly rework and creates confidence that the job was done right
  • USB data reporting – improves quality control for applicators, coating suppliers and clients
  • Adjustable ratio – eliminates costly changeovers between jobs specified for different coatings
  • New temperature controls and heating system – improves spray performance and boosts productivity, allowing applicators to atomize coatings at the lowest possible pressures, reducing waste and overspray

In addition, Graco is pleased to release new equipment for intumescent coatings that can be hand-mixed and sprayed through single-leg equipment. Optimised for (but not limited to) epoxy intumescents, the Graco Xtreme™ PFP is for small applications, tie-ins and touch-ups in tight areas where portability is required. Troweling epoxy intumescent coatings is labour-intensive and the Xtreme PFP is the next step to improve productivity for smaller jobs with lower capital investment.

Xtreme PFP features and benefits

  • Quick knock-down Xtreme lower – improves uptime during labour intensive cleaning of epoxy intumescent materials.
  • Portable cart – allows closer distances between pump and substrate for more productivity.
  • 70:1 fluid-to-air pressure ratio – maximum power to spray high viscosity coatings.
  • Intuitive operation / easy to use – gets the job done faster on small projects

New accessories for PFP and protective coating applications:

  • Viscon HF 5400W heater – 3.25 times the flow of the standard Viscon HP heater
  • Graco XHF high-flow spray gun – 7,250psi (500bar) with front entry to handle high viscosity coatings
  • New ¾in x 6,500psi (448bar) airless hose and dual-heated hose assemblies
  • New ¾in check valves and ball valves for high pressure, 7250psi (500bar) applications