Motor vessel (M/V) Mary Arctica, part of Royal Arctic Lines fleet, has just made ab n unplanned docking at Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn due to damages caused by heavy ice pressure during a charter trip to the South Pole.

The 113-meter-long vessel came under ice pressure, which resulted in damages to the rudder and the rudder stock, as well as the steering machine foundation.

MarineShaft carried out complete repair of the rudder arrangement as well as laser alignment of the rudder trunk and on-site machining. The rudder stock, with the dimension 674 x 6425 mm, showed deflection from 4.6 to 5.7 mm.

Both the rudder stock and the rudder, which is a type Becker spade rudder, were sent to the MarineShaft workshop in Hirtshals. The Maker Becker Marine System and the involved classification society, DNVGL, both participated in the inspection, which included a blue fit test and showed ovality in the rudder cone.

In addition to deflection, the rudder stock had suffered damages to the lower rudder cone as well as the top. These damages were machined, welded up, heat-treated and re-machined. Two new stainless steel liners, supplied by Becker Marine System, were machined and fitted to the rudder stock, which was also painted between the liners. The rudder cone was machined by a custom made MarineShaft tool.

As the steering machine foundation was displaced due to the incident, the existing reamer holes had to be re-machined. This was carried out with portable equipment. The six new bolts were manufactured by MarineShaft.

Kongsberg and Orskov Yard completed the re-installation. All repairs went according to plan.

On 18 November, M/V Mary Arctica docked out and is presently at quay in Aalborg at the Royal Arctic Lines terminal, preparing for its next charter to the South Pole.

MarineShaft also co-operates with other Danish Shipyards and is always proud to participate in repairs.