MarineShaft in Denmark has begun an extension of one of its three workshops to achieve more capacity.

MarineShaft repairs rudder arrangements and propeller equipment and has a market niche in class approved cold straightening of rudder stocks and propeller shafts.

“’Urgent repair workshop’ could be one of our slogans,” says CCO Lisa Hjermitslev. “Our strategy is always to have the capacity for urgent repairs. We know the importance of time when you deal with unplanned damage due to incidents and others, and we receive equipment from customers worldwide for repair.”

This strategy required fully equipped workshop facilities, and MarineShaft has three workshops at tree locations in Hirtshals.

The workshop at Silvervej is 1,600m², and it is being extended with 60 meters. Almost doubling the size of the workshop with a new 1,400m². The lifting capacity will be increased from 100t to 200t.

“We expect the building to be ready for use this fall,” says Hjermitslev.

And what do MarineShaft plan to use the extra 1,400m² for?

“We will install a new 27m-long SKODA lathe that we recently bought. It will be delivered this fall and besides this lathe, we also need space for our biggest hydraulic press,” tells Hjermitslev.

The hydraulic press Hjermitslev refers to has a max press capacity of 8,000t and can cold straighten shafts up to 1.5m in diameter.

Raw material in stock to meet any request for new manufacturing

MarineShaft also specialises in the manufacturing of new rudder stocks and propeller shafts and their strategy is to be among the best and fastest suppliers.

Therefore, MarineShaft decided to invest in a huge stock of material right outside the workshop ready to be taken into the workshop for machining and meet any request from a vessel owner.

Whether the inquiry is for a huge round bar, stainless-steel or bronze liners in long lengths, plates etc MarineShaft is known to have in stock. Everything comes with a class certificate.

When required, MarineShaft also sells raw material from the stock, and keeps its stocklist updated and available on their website.

Having a large stock of material has been extra valued during these Covid-19 times. Even with very solid and loyal suppliers, delivery time for spare parts and material has taken longer.

When asked about the supply chains Hjermitslev added: “We have had urgent orders for new manufacturing and we have been lucky to have all the required material in stock, so we could maintain our fast delivery times.

“The coronavirus pandemic has affected the business of MarineShaft, when speaking of onsite work.

“It has been a lot more difficult and in some cases, impossible and unsafe to send service engineers to location.

“We follow the authorities’ travel recommendations to keep our employees safe. When possible to travel and solve a repair on-site we do, and during the pandemic, we have had repair work abroad.

“We have been lucky to maintain a full workforce and we do look optimistic at the future of our business. Still, nobody really knows the effect of the pandemic.”