MarineShaft recently repaired a ship propeller shaft (Ø539 x 17529mm) with damages to the piston surface. Replacement of the yoke was also required.

Once the propeller shaft arrived at our workshop, we evaluated the repairs needed, and our repair plan was approved by the involved classification society, which in this case was LR.

The best repair option was rebuilding the surface using our laser cladding technology. Before machining the damaged areas, we checked for defects using a liquid penetrant inspection.

Two layers of Inconel 625 alloy powder were applied. Then, we machined the laser-cladded areas to the original size, and FORCE Technology came to perform the non-destructive test as an independent third party.

As the yoke needed to be replaced, we could offer the customer a new yoke based on the provided drawings.

With S355 material in stock and ready to machine, we could complete the entire job in less than 20 working days.

The next project includes the manufacturing of a new hydraulic coupling.


A propeller shaft (Ø340 x 15166mm), with a 0.4mm misalignment at the mid-shaft and with damages to the shaft cone, and defect coupling

Our job included:

  • Cold straightening of the propeller shaft
  • Machining of the shaft cone
  • Manufacturing of a new hydraulic coupling to fit the shaft cone
  • Fitting the parts

It was necessary to manufacture a new hydraulic coupling. After cold straightening the shaft, the damages to the shaft cone were machined and the new coupling was manufactured to fit the new dimension accordingly.

We manufactured the new coupling according to the provided drawings from the customer.

The entire process, fully approved by BV, was completed in less than 22 working days.

Maintaining a large stock of materials is of great importance to us. We exclusively purchase raw materials of European Origin, with class approval.

The latest purchase is a big steel flange shaft, with a diameter of Ø1315/605×800/16700mm