When unrepairable cracks in the rudder stock are detected, finding a fast manufacture of a new rudder stock can be a challenge, especially when the rudder stock is eight metres long.

We stock raw material in very large dimensions to meet urgent requests

The vessel was docked at a shipyard, in Poland, when we received an inquiry for the manufacturing of a new rudder stock measuring  Ø605mm x 8064mm, with stainless steel liners and a new pintle, measuring Ø810mm x 2281mm.

With the suitable material and sizes in stock, we could offer a short manufacturing time, and we received the order for the new rudderstock and pintle, including onsite machining and fitting.

With the manufacturing on track, the client asked us to send a technician to inspect the rudder and carry out a laser alignment of the rudder line to prepare for later-on in-situ machining for fitting of the new rudder stock and pintle.

We manufactured the new rudder stock and pintle in only 12 working days

The steering gear had been sent to our workshop in Denmark to fit the upper cones on the new rudder stock to the steering gear, before shipment.

Before we received the steering gear, it was overhauled by the maker, in Germany. A new rudder bushing was also manufactured. The involved classification society was DNV.

MarineShaft sent the raw bushing material for the new rudder horn pintle bushing to the shipyard. After machining the rudder horn onsite, we knew the new diameter for the new bushing.

When the rudder stock and pintle arrived, we had our mobile equipment, and four technicians, ready to machine the rudder blade cones. The shipyard had machined the bearing bushing, and everything was prepared for re-installation.

Our technicians worked double shifts to reduce the installation time. We delivered the new rudder stock and pintle with 4 mm oversize, and the rudder cones were machined accordingly.

We always work in close collaboration with all involved parties and thank all involved parties.