MarineShaft would like to share this month’s news with you, as it had several monumental events take place.

MSC Michaela suffers broken rudder stock

These days we have a manufacturing and repair job in our workshop that I want to share with you.

The container vessel MSC Michaela is now in the dock at Engine Deck Repair in Antwerpen for the repair of its rudder arrangement.

The rudder stock was broken and twisted into the tiller. The steering gear was also damaged.
MarineShaft has been assigned to:

  • Manufacture of a new rudder stock Ø 782 x 6840
  • Repair of tiller
  • Repair of pintle
  • Repair of steering gear
  • Repair of carrier bearing
  • On-site repairs

The broken rudder stock with tiller, the carrier bearing, and the steering gear were send to our workshop. In our workshop, we removed the stuck tiller from the broken rudderstock.

As you probably know from previous newsletter MarineShaft stock a wide range of material in big/long dimensions to meet any urgent request.

This was also the case for this manufacturing of a new rudder stock and stainless-steel liners.
The rudder stock measures Ø 782 dx 6830 mm with 2 stainless steel liners –
1 pc. Ø840/782x635mm and 1 pc. Ø820/770x1325mm.

Later, we will send a service team to Antwerpen to weld up the rudder cone and re-machining to fit the new rudder stock. We look forward to co-operating with EDR again.

New manufacturing of a propeller shaft

Another new manufacturing, I want to share with you is the manufacturing of a propeller shaft for a water-lubricated system. The shaft belongs to the vessel Annetta and the job took place last week.
The old propeller shaft had suffered from severe cavitation between the liners making it unrepairable.
The shaft dimension is Ø352 x 5665 mm with 2 bronze liners Ø405/352 x 1697 mm and Ø378/338 x 1010 mm and with Philyclad coating between the liners.

The manufacturing time was only 10 days including coating. Using C45 steel with liners and applying coating between the liners is a cost-effective solution. We used the material Philyclad as a protective coating to avoid future corrosion.

New video

We have just put together a new short “full picture” video – summarising our many repair services. Please visit our website or fill out the enquiry form attached to this page to request this video.