MarineShaft has an extensive range of specially designed mobile equipment for on-site repairs.

Certified service engineers take off with short notice and the company has a fully equipped service container to support on-site services when necessary.

MarineShaft carries out all kinds of repairs to propeller equipment and rudder arrangements worldwide. Often a repair job starts in the workshop in Denmark with repair of a damaged rudder stock or propeller shaft.

Some of the jobs carried out on-site include:

  • Machining of cones in rudder blades, cones on shafts
  • Laser alignment equipment
  • Shaft withdrawal
  • Boring of stern tube, rudder neck bearings, rudder horn
  • Repair of propeller blades
  • Micro welding and laser cladding
  • Supervisor

For more information, visit the link to the Mobile Machining video on our company details page.